Brumby Tracks

Karren Summers  ·   ·


With the not so surprising news of more brumbies found shot in KNP on Thursday, the evidence of more lies from Env Minister Griffin about the halt to shooting was just a passifier. Griffin stated an immediate halt would be put on shooting of brumbies in KNP on national radio on the 13th September. There obviously was no HALT as more & more fresh carcasses of brumbies are being found that were shot. Brumbies found last Sunday had been killed about 10 days prior with one killed just before the weekend. The brumbies found dead on Nungar Plain this week show obvious signs that they also were shot in the same time frame. The Kiandra brumby images included here were taken this week to show the obvious comparison of the decomposition process differences. If there were no shootings done after the 13th September, then the Gavels Hut brumbies would be showing decay rates similar to the Kiandras.

GRIFFIN HAS SAID THAT “BRUMBY ADVOCATES ARE USING OLD PHOTOS” WHEN QUESTIONED THIS WEEK! The photos included below speak for themselves regarding a timeline of the shootings!

Is Griffin lieing to us or are NPWS lieing to him? THERE HAS BEEN NO HALT TO SHOOTING – JUST ANOTHER LIE!!!

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