Snowy Brumby Photography Adventures with Michelle and Ian

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Hi all

Today we went looking for Pink Snip.

Unfortunately we didn’t find him but I’m sure he’s out there somewhere.

Sometimes we don’t see particular brumbies for months and months ,take Posterboy for example.We hadn’t seen Posterboy for 18 months and thought the worst.Suddenly only weeks ago there he was with his family and new babies.

Pink Snip is out there somewhere far from man.We obviously can’t check everywhere for him but this week we have all covered a lot of ground in search.

He will pop up hopefully 🙏🏻

We found a few familiar faces today on our adventures.

We first did 7.8 kms out to an area then drove to another area and did another 9.5kms I m search of Pink.

We met up with the Big Grey and his mob

Harry and his mob

Samson ,son of Thor .Sampson was by himself.

We also saw Thor so it was a great day

One of the photos is of a horse skull .I will post a video in the comments in relation to that image.

Thanks so much

Michelle 🐴❤️🇦🇺

We hope Pink Snip is safe

Please is you see a small mob consisting of two adult greys

A buckskin

A Pali mare

And a few youngsters please take a pic and send it in


Harry the racehorse. You can see why we call him that.
We first found the Big Grey and his mob. We didn’t sneak up behind them, we let them know we were coming, they all looked at us “oh its only you two” and went back to grazing.
Well hello there.I have photos of this guy from last year in the snow when he was a wee baby.
Ian insisted that he take a few pics of me to add to the post.
The Big grey. What a beautiful stallion. He reminds us of Scout who was sadly lost in the fires.
Frodo on the right. The roan stallion in the background is the stallion that follows the Big greys mob around. They weren’t too far away at all, the roan stallion soon ran off and back to the Big greys mob.
We found 4 dead horses. At first we thought that it was very suspicious being that they were all in the same area. We agreed that they were at least 2.5 years old and were victims of the terrible fires that torched the area back in early 2020.I will post a video in the comments of what went on here
We walked for another 4kms or so and found no more brumbies so headed back as we wanted to head to another area to search for Pink Snip.We caught up with the Big grey and his mob again.This is the roan stallion that follows the Big greys mob.
The roan stallion has a small mob, this being his mare.
This is their little boy. We call him Billy B, named after Jinka’s boy Billy B who was sadly lost in the fires.
The roan stallion is absolutely stunning also.
Some of the pristine landscape (NOT) the invasive species council is always going on about.
As we drove to our other spot we took yet another pic of the pristine landscape.
Yes i’m being sarcastic.
We parked and headed across the pristine landscape NOT. Sorry, being sarcastic again.
Cleared forest.Powerlines, not very pristine thanks to man.
After about 3kms we found Harry and his mob.
Little Harry has grown so much. The last time we saw him he was tiny and wouldn’t come out from behind mum.Now he a lot more confident.
Harry came over and stood behind his son checking us out.
Harrys filly from two years ago is all grown up. We think its his filly as she was born into the mob ,Harry being the stallion.
Good old Harry the racehorse.
One of Harrys mares is about to pop by the looks of her.Her dapples, wow

This guy has been following Harry for years now. Harry tolerates him, we have seen them playing on the odd occasion.
We call him “Mr opportunist”
He follows Harry. When Harry stops and looks around he tries to look inconspicuous.
Harry telling his mob to get a move on.We slowly followed them as they were headed in the same direction as we wanted to go. We were headed to the land time forgot as Pink Snip is sometimes out there.

May be an image of horse and nature
So we followed them , just casually walking with them.

Harry the racehorse. You can see why we call him that.

Snowy Brumby Photography Adventures with Michelle and Ian


Hi all

Sorry for the yukky images

Many people have asked after the stallion with the injured lip so here is a quick post regarding him.

We have seen some nasty injuries in the past ,mainly stallions who have been fighting.

Several are missing ears ,many have scars ,it’s the way of the wild ,the way of a stallion.

Just take the late Arrowboy for example ,he was always sporting a new injury of some kind when we would see him.

Most if not all nasty injuries we have seen have all healed and healed remarkably well.

This stallion who had his lip torn away in a fight one month ago has healed and just wow.Just goes to show how tough and resilient these guys are.

Imagine the vet bills and meds if this was to happen to one of our own horses 😱

His wound is clean and wow,just amazing as we were worried for him when it happened.

It was a major discomfort for him .Just days after it happened we would watch him grimace in pain the poor boy ,one month later he has almost healed.

Just a matter of time now we think before he challenges Pink Snip to get his Pali mare back who he had been with for over 8 years.

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