Nation First, by George Christensen

Will they lock you up?

Nation First looks into The globalist ‘elite’ plan to establish mass concentration camps across the world.

George Christensen

6 hr ago

Dear friend,

Throughout history, it has always been the strength of arms by which common people were able to seize their rights and limit the tyranny of the ‘elite’.

Many modern Western institutions such as a limited government, free market capitalism, and the constitutional monarchy and democratic republic systems of government trace their genesis to the shift in the balance of power away from privileged nobles to the common citizenry, due to the invention of firearms.

An armoured knight on his horse could easily subdue a group of peasants with pitchforks.

However, when they acquired cheap firearms, the dynamic changed in favour of the latter.

With the advent of modern history, governments have found it hard, if not impossible to physically subdue a restive population.

The areas where unrestricted government tyranny was able to keep hold for long were places where firearms were yet to be ubiquitous such as imperial Russia and China.

An irregular militia engaging in guerrilla tactics can heavily tie down and even defeat modern armies.

And this is what the colonial British military experienced during the Boer war, that is until they devised one vile solution to end the conflict: concentration camps.

In an ordinary civil struggle, arm can be smuggled in, supplies can be improvised, and even if you lose one battle, you can retreat and fight another day.

However, when your entire people are uprooted and forcefully moved into prison camps, resistance becomes virtually impossible.

To end Boer resistance, the British authorities depopulated entire regions of their civilian populations, the majority of whom were women and children, and moved them into overcrowded and unsanitary camps, where many of them began to perish.

Unable to bare seeing their loved ones die, the Boer then quickly ended their resistance.

The British model of quelling a nation’s rebellion would later be emulated by the Turkish Empire with the Armenians, Fascist Italy with the Ethiopians, Nazi Germany with the Jews and Slavs, and the various communist states against their own people.

Yet, in the modern age, as the power dynamics are again tilting towards the ruling ‘elites’, we may start seeing concentration camps emerge in erstwhile ‘democracies.’

In Australia, during the pandemic, the population got a taste of this when the government created special ‘quarantine camps.’

Initially, they claimed they were meant only to quarantine travellers and would be temporary.

Reality kicked in later when the government began imprisoning its own citizens within these camps.

Anyone that tried to escape was pursued and arrested by the police.

As of today, a number of these facilities have propped up across the country, with the government spending millions on their expansion even as the COVID-19 pandemic is largely over.

Looking back at history, we all know what their real intention is with these camps: to lock up entire communities that try to offer resistance to their increasingly tyrannical rule.

Australia isn’t the sole country to be implementing these concentration camps.

The United States of America also has established several camps near their major population centres.

In Hong Kong, where Communist China has built ‘quarantine’ camps which have the look and feel of prison designed to crush civilian protests.

It is likely we will see more countries follow suit under one pretext or another.

Until next time, God bless you, your family and nation.

Take care,

George Christensen, with Nation First staff writer

P.S. If you didn’t see it already check out George’s YouTube video on The War on Food.

George Christensen is a former Australian politician, a Christian, freedom lover, conservative, blogger, podcaster, journalist and theologian. He has been feted by the Epoch Times as a “champion of human rights” and his writings have been praised by InfowarsAlex Jones as “excellent and informative”.

George believes Nation First will be an essential part of the ongoing fight for freedom:

The time is now for every proud patriot to step to the fore and fight for our freedom, sovereignty and way of life. Information is a key tool in any battle and the Nation First newsletter will be a valuable tool in the battle for the future of the West.

George Christensen.

Find more about George at his website.

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