Snowy Brumby Photography Adventures with Michelle and Ian

Gunned down in a hail of bullets

Killed in such an inhumane fashion

Vale Daps and his mob

We must never forget this atrocity

Please read the captions on these photos

I better get a tissue, tears, true

Michelle xx

Bushfire survivor. Took his mob and lead them to safety.

One month after the fires the going was tough but they like all of our brumbies are extremely resilient and can manage through the worst that Mother Nature decides to unleash on them.

I can’t believe this beautiful mare has been shot dead. She was such a beautiful soul. She was such a very calm and relaxed girl, she was at peace.
So many brumbies perished in the fires but not this stallion.
I can’t believe they are gone, after all they have been through , stuck tight as a family and survived the most devastating fires only to be gunned down in such a horrific manner.
The winter of 2020 after the fires was a tough winter as there still wasn’t all that much feed on the ground post fires plus the snow and frost didn’t help that but Daps and his mob are resilient like all of our brumbies and made it through the winter in flying colours.
We dearly loved this mare, she was such a sweet mare.
Hi daps your a good stallion, one of the best. You have been through some tough times of recent but pulled through, let your mob in the right direction xx so sad.Trying not to tear up typing this..
This is the pad . many of you will remember that I have done posts about the pad . Its a place way out back of yonder where the brumbies go, its their safe place we think.
May you be at peace with the world now beautiful girl.
Im so sorry that mankind continued to be unkind and killed you. So sorry xx
We never take for granted the fact that we can visit you guys, sit with you guys and be at peace with you.
Daps on the lookout making sure his mob is safe. He reminded me a bit of Scout . Scout was also a v very protective stallion, unfortunately Scout perished in the fires.
Daps and one of his mares watching a mob in the distance. They all shared the same homeland so he was always on alert as another stallion was never far away. He was his mobs protector and father.
I am having an image of this girl enlarged , framed and put up on our lounge room wall. We will never forget what a gentle being you were xx
Daps the fierce protector of his mob. He had such a gorgeous family that he protected with is life.So sad that man stalked is mob , waited ,then shoot them all down in a hail of bullets.I only can pray that their suffering wasn’t prolonged.
Protector, always on the lookout. His mob had so much faith in their stallion, you can tell by this image. Daps on the lookout while the mob peacefully graze away knowing that he was there.
Such a stunning brumby. I know for a fact that so so ma y people would have put their hands up to rehome this mob. Why wasn’t that an option, why did they have to be gunned down..
Im sorry Daps.
Last time we saw them was two weeks ago
All gone now, all gone to horsey heaven.
Ok im crying now.
Vale Daps xx
Beautiful girl was shot , she tried to abort her foal which means that she didn’t die instantly . It would have taken at least half an hour for her to die…
It was so nice knowing you guys. Thanks for letting me in to your world. I will miss you dearly.

Comment by Nelle-beautiful innocent horses-plenty of room in the mountains for them to live at peace and a pox on the inhumane pathetic subhuman criminals in parliament who allow this to happen-these are our iconic horse, subject of folklore, legends in poetry and films and we love them but never given a chance to voice our opinions or our desires- the people who orchestrated the slaughter certainly will go down in history not remembered with affection but with contempt and loathing

Snowymountainbrumby Action Group

Di Hardley  · 1h  ·

Snowymountainbrumby Action Group

Di Hardley  ·   ·

WARNING ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Some people may not want to view photos


SMBSMG are reporting more brumbies that have been shot at Nungar near Gravels Hut 4 smbsmg Members hiked in last Saturday after being told there were shot horses

But night time fell and they couldn’t locate them unfortunately but we were able to get someone in on horse back today the brumbies have been shot through shoulder like Kiandra shooting no head shots we estimate about a week to 12 days ago the snow fall is heavy atm 3 were found but we believe there are more we have someone going in again tomorrow

This is another kick in the guts by

Government and Npws

We would like to thank Shannon Byrne

For taking the time to investigate and get the photos for smbsmg we will be following up with Parliament tomorrow and keep you updated

Photo credits Shannon byrne

Snowy Brumby Photography Adventures with Michelle and Ian


Hi all

It was our policeman friend that broke the news to us re the shot brumbies that it was indeed npws that were behind the shootings just days after the incident.He also told us that they have been shooting for almost 5 months now and that up to 200 brumbies had been shot.

What can we do ?

The RSPCA have given the green light 🤷🏼‍♂️

Our beautiful brumbies are being gunned down,who knows when it will happen again and where ?

The brumbies we visited today,are they safe?

Well no they are not safe ,no brumbies are safe anymore and that’s why we have someone up in the areas that we visit everyday of the week.

Obviously we can’t cover all areas ,it would be good if other brumby groups could organise something also but I guess you have to be local 🤷🏼‍♂️

There was snow all the way to Kiandra and then none which was quite amazing as when we woke in Cooma to our cars being covered in snow we thought for sure that we wouldn’t be hiking anywhere due to the snow depth but once up the mountain there was just a light dusting if anything which was great.

Our brumbies are beautiful

Our brumbies are in danger

Our gov doesn’t care otherwise something would have been done by now but I think more will be shot .There are three dead brumbies at Bullocks hill ,all together ,all just bones ,it’s very suspicious.

Pics may be all we have left in the coming years of our brumbies.

Michelle xx

History of the horse in Australia 

In modern times transporting horses around the world isn’t such an extraordinary thought. They are loaded on a plane and off they go arriving at their destination safely and happy and usually in a short time frame but back when Australia was first settled, it wasn’t so straightforward. They spent anywhere from 9 -12 months on a ship in conditions that only the toughest survived. 

The first horses arrived in Australia in 1788 with the first fleet, they consisted mainly of thoroughbred and Spanish breeds. To survive such a grueling trip and then adapt to their new environment they had to be strong. When that first ship arrived, it had on board a stallion, 4 mares, and 2 yearlings as more settlers arrived by ship more horses and breeds arrived and from there is where the history of the Australian horse began.  

They were used to help build the new colony, from exploring the new land to transport, communication, and farming. As the colony developed more breeds of horses were introduced, the weak were moved on and the strongest used to breed with. It is from these origins that the Waler developed, a strong, reliable horse with plenty of stamina and hardiness. Their reputation for having these qualities is what led them to be eagerly sorted by the British military and trade soon developed with thousands of the breed shipped overseas, the first Australian breed Walers were sent to war in India in 1857. They were more reliable than other breeds and for this reason, up to 160,000 Walers served in World War 1.  

By 1810 the first horse race in Hyde Park Sydney took place and there were now 203 horses in NSW. From here and throughout the next century the equine population of Australia dramatically grew and now we have approximately one million domestic horses in Australia. 

So next time you hear about our Australian equestrian team heading off overseas or the international racehorses coming to Australia, spare a thought for what the very first horses had to endure on their trip and how important they were in building this country and our equine industry.  

Written by Selena. P 

Published by Nelle

I am interested in writing short stories for my pleasure and my family's but although I have published four family books I will not go down that path again but still want what I write out there so I will see how this goes

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