Why Do Communists Hate Tony Abbott So Much?

Why Do Communists Hate Tony Abbott So Much? · Caldron Pool

“I guess when your ideology died thirty years ago living in the past is a bit of a hard habit to break.”

By Rio DiazSeptember 18, 2022

As previously reported on Caldron Pool, Socialist Alternative (Australia’s largest communist group) is planning on protesting the CPAC Australia event on October 2nd.

The Bolshevik buffoons have started releasing the publicity material for their protest, and my, aren’t they angry little Marxist muffins.

And in particular, they seem very, very, very angry at the proposed CPAC speaker and former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. I mean sure Marxists normally hate everyone to the right of Lenin, but they seem to have a special place in their bile duct for Former Member for Warringah.


The two named organisations officially holding the protest are Campaign Against Racism and Fascism Sydney (CARF) and Community Action for Rainbow Rights (CARR).

Both are Socialist Alternative front groups. A quick search shows the last three media spokespeople for CARR have been Cat Rose (of Socialist Alternative), April Holcombe (of Socialist Alternative) and Owen Marsden-Readford (of Socialist Alternative).

The Sydney branch of CARF has never really done much compared to their more aggro Melbourne comrades, but they did manage to humiliate themselves by trying to hold an anti-Freedom rally protest in November last year. Unsurprisingly almost nobody showed up.

Socialist Alternative was behind the last protest against the Australian version of CPAC back in 2019. At that event, they managed to get one of their leaders arrested for throwing a cup of coffee on an attendee and then had their Antifa banner nicked and displayed on stage by the “fascists” they were trying to attack.

But they’ve decided to really put an effort in this time, and maybe their enduring hatred for Tony Abbott (a man who hasn’t been PM in seven years) has something to do with why. I guess when your ideology died thirty years ago living in the past is a bit of a hard habit to break.


Communists really hate Tony Abbott. Really, really. I remember back at uni the week he became opposition leader they printed out and pasted up thousands of posters predicting the end of the world should he ever become PM (spoiler, it didn’t).

And so the rabid reds have decided to make Abbott’s attendance at CPAC the centre of their protest advertising, including one poster where they have literally photoshopped demon horns on him and blacked out his eyes.

Sure, they’ve put horns on other evil white male speakers as well (while oddly excluding Jacinta Price), but look who’s at the top of the billing! Unlucky Mark Latham actually is still in parliament, is the NSW leader of the evil-far-right-redneck-bogan One Nation party, has sponsored bills to allow parents to stop activist teachers brainwashing children, and he still can’t match Tony! Poor Mark. I hope he can recover.


Socialist Alternative has a history of violence at past events and were responsible for organising the violent protest where Tony Abbott’s sister was attacked and had her clothing ripped. They also got into a little bit of bother for publishing a front page of their newspaper with a depiction of Abbott having his throat cut with a razor and the subheading “One cut we’d like to see”.

On their protest poster, the reds describe Abbott as an “Arch-bigot”, a “notorious sexist” and a “refugee torturer” who “tried to bring in a 2014 horror budget”. Which illustrates yet again that the only thing the far left finds more threatening than a social conservative is a social conservative who threatens to stop funding them.

In their eyes perhaps that was his biggest crime after all. “Tony Abbott: torturer, woman hater, xenophobe, and (gasp) attempted budget balancer”.

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