They’ve declared WAR on your food

Open in browserThank you for being a paid subscriber to Nation First. Your support in the fight for freedom, sovereignty and common sense conservatism is important!They’ve declared WAR on your food!Nation First looks into World Economic Forum-inspired policies attacking our farmers and food supply.George ChristensenSep 30 ▷  ListenSAVE Dear friend,Watch the video version of this newsletter here.Nation First, by George Christensen is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.SubscribedIt was Henry Kissinger who once said:Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world. We are seeing that even today in this post-modern world. The power-hungry ‘elite’ are out in the open about their agenda to have a centralised way of living for the common man. Centralized to the point of: Kill switches in your electric vehicles; Microchips put in your wrist in order to make purchases; Social credit scores, like we see in Communist China; Digital ration cards; Central bank digital currencies that not only track everything you spend your money on but also limits the things you can buy.It sounds far-fetched and light years away but at this rate of acceleration we are seeing with the wars, famine, energy crises, inflation, and supply chain issues it’s not long off before we are being told what to eat and how much to eat. If they can tell you which drugs to shoot into your arm then they will stop nothing short of telling you what food to eat. Or should I say, what bugs to eat? Let’s dive in on a range of topics: Bill Gates scooping up more farmland in the USA;Laws being put in place that will impact farmers globally; The war on food, and;How you can prepare and protect yourself. Let’s first take a look at everyone’s favourite billionaire Bill Gates. SubscribedRead more on Bill Gates in the book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.Bill Gates the FarmerYou would think with how much the common man has caught onto the agenda of Bill Gates that he would lay low for a while. Nope! Just this past summer he was gobbling up more farmland in the United States; this time in North Dakota, where he bought 2,100 acres of potato farmland… and the locals are angry! The state’s top prosecutor had to intervene because there were that many complaints about it from the locals. This purchase now brings Gates’ total portfolio to a whopping 270,000 acres of farmland across the country. Gates claimed this purchase was linked to biofuel development, but this is coming from the same guy suggesting we should all eat artificial meat and bugs. Yes, they are serious and this is how they will convince you to do it: Make sure the fear and shame machines are running at full steam; Make natural meat ridiculously expensive;Make bug-based foods ridiculously cheap (backed by taxpayer subsidies, of course); Make bug-based foods excitingly innovative, because Westerners are in need of constant novelty. (It’s a cheeseburger, but made of crickets and larvae milk!); Make sure those bug-based manufactured foods taste delicious and are full of wildly addictive substances like synthetic sugars and seed oils. Make sure we’re offered the false dichotomy of bad and evil foods versus organic and free-range bug-based manufactured foods. And that will suck in those with slightly more money and an undying need to virtue signal.This is the new normal they have in mind. The pandemic was just the kick starter to the Great Reset agenda. SubscribedFarmers Struggling to Produce Let’s switch gears here and discuss the reality we are living in: The world is now facing a man-made food catastrophe. It is reaching crisis levels. With global prices of food and fertilizers already reaching worrying highs, the continuing impacts of the pandemic, the political forces to realise climate change goals and the Russia/Ukraine conflict raise serious concerns for food security both in the short and the long term. The world is facing a further spike in food shortages, pushing more families worldwide at risk for severe malnutrition. Those communities which survived former crises are left more vulnerable to a new shock than before and will accumulate the effects, diving into severe starvation, malnourishment, and famine. Furthermore, the growth of economies and development of nations are currently slowing down due to a lack of workforce due to a sharp decrease in well-being, livelihoods, public health, and higher mortality rates. Not to mention the powers that be want to shrink the global population by any means necessary. In the wake of new environmental limits that require farmers to radically curb their nitrogen emissions by up to 70 percent in the next eight years, tens of thousands of Dutch farmers have risen in protest against the government. Farmers will be forced to use less fertilizer and will be forced to reduce the number of their livestock, in some cases up to 95%. For smaller family-owned farms it will be impossible to reach these goals. Many will be forced to shutter, including people whose families have been farming for up to eight generations. If farms get shuttered then countless businesses and producers could go bankrupt. Farm workers will lose their jobs. And the emotional toll that farmers will have to face in order to euthanize their healthy herds is immense and hardly bearable. The good news is, farmers’ protests are rising worldwide, supported by more and more citizens who stand up against the expensive mandates for changes to “green policies” that already brought massive miseries and instability. At a ministerial conference for food security on June 29 2022, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that worsening food shortages could lead to a global “catastrophe”. SubscribedThe collapse of Sri Lanka We are already seeing what the catastrophe looks like in Sri Lanka — a country whose political leader introduced a zero nitrogen and CO2 emissions policy, and which is now facing economic crisis, severe hunger, and difficulties to access food due to a political decision that farmers were not allowed to use fertilisers and pesticides. Still, politicians responsible for climate change ‘solutions’ in other countries pursue the same green policy. Failed policies don’t ever go away, they just get repeated until we all have to suffer through them. No wonder Henry Kissinger’s words ring true to this day. SubscribedLearn more on the fall of Sri Lanka in my YouTube video ESG is a Scam! How you can protect yourself. There are things that are happening in our world that are out of your control and there are things that are in your control. You can choose to go along with the agenda and believe the elite have your best interest in mind… or you can take action and become self sufficient. You can begin growing your own food. Our grandparents did it, there’s no reason to say we can’t learn and adapt to doing it again. The foods we grow ourselves are immensely better for us than store bought and there is something beautiful about pulling a vegetable out of the ground that you harvested yourself. Another piece of advice I can give you, is to befriend local farmers. There’s nothing stronger than a relationship. Having a connection with someone who provides value to your life and your refrigerator is a must going into this next decade. Our last piece of advice is to become your own central bank. Stack hard assets in preparation for the new system being implemented. Currencies are collapsing all over the globe and the sky-high inflation looks to be here for quite some time. Owning precious metals, ammo, supplies, gear, and anything else you will need to whether a rocky few years may be the move that needs to be made to protect you and your family. Central banks around the globe have been stockpiling gold over the last 10 years and I wonder if they know something we don’t. We have to remember, that the people have the power and communism has always failed. The attempt to pull it off may be muddy but on the other side liberty and freedom will prevail. I encourage you to speak truth, live life well, and do what is needed to prepare, protect, and prosper on the other side. SubscribedClosing RemarksI conclude with this, man-made crises are the worst kind of crisis. It shows the lunacy and the malicious intent of human beings who are in power. We have to live through it and do what we can to make the best of it. Our world is ever-changing but the intent of those in charge remains the same. They want to control the population in any way they can. The decentralizing effects of the internet and independent media has made them lunge for power even more aggressively. We know their plans will fall short but we need your help to make sure it does.Make sure you share this email EVERYWHERE!ShareAnd, if you’re not yet a paid subscriber to Nation First, you can take out a 7-day FREE trial of the daily (Monday to Thursday) edition of the publication.Get 7 day free trialUntil next time, God bless you, your family and our nation.Take care,George Christensen, with a Nation First staff writer.The CPAC conference is on THIS WEEKEND. The event is being held in Sydney from the 1st to the 2nd of October this year and is Australia’s largest and most influential gathering of conservatives.Nation First readers can claim 10 per cent off of their CPAC conference tickets by entering the discount code NF22 when they register.But HURRY the CPAC conference is THIS WEEKEND!Click to registerGeorge Christensen is a former Australian politician, a Christian, freedom lover, conservative, blogger, podcaster, journalist and theologian. He has been feted by the Epoch Times as a “champion of human rights” and his writings have been praised by InfowarsAlex Jones as “excellent and informative”.George believes Nation First will be an essential part of the ongoing fight for freedom:“The time is now for every proud patriot to step to the fore and fight for our freedom, sovereignty and way of life. Information is a key tool in any battle and the Nation First newsletter will be a valuable tool in the battle for the future of the West.”— George Christensen.Find more about George at his website.Authorised by G. Christensen, Te Kowai (Mackay).LikeCommentShareThanks for your paid subscription to Nation First by George Christensen© 2022 George Christensen
Authorised by George Christensen, Te Kowai (Mackay).

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