One country that has been at the forefront of the fight against globalism has been Italy.

Giorgia Meloni has won the Italian election and will become the first female head of state for Italy. She will also be the first right wing leader of the country since World War II. MIGA. Make Italy Great Again. Four countries are giving the EU Globalists the finger: Italy, Poland, Sweden, Hungary. MAGA in America is poised to take back the Congress in Nov. Brazil is on a anti Globalist path. Putin is weakening the Globalists. The backlash is coming here too. Australia changes quickly. This is what I have been asserting for over 2 years: the left is having its last gasp, this is a correction course, and a new anti Globalist nationalism is sweeping the world bringing in a new era. Be optimistic!

EU PANICS as Giorgia Meloni LEADS a European REBELLION!!!

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Why I voted for Giorgia Meloni

Rocco Loiacono

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Rocco Loiacono

29 September 2022

12:34 PM

As an Italian citizen resident abroad, I have the right to vote in Italian elections and referenda. While in past elections the options available may not have filled me with great enthusiasm, this time I was eager to put my cross over the centre-right coalition headed by Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) and its leader, Giorgia Meloni.

Over the last thirty years, Italy has been in decline. In 1992 and 1993, the tangentopoli (bribe city) scandal rocked Italy’s political system to the core. It all started when a Socialist Party (PSI) member of the Italian Parliament, Mario Chiesa, was arrested after taking a bribe from a cleaning service company. At the time, the Socialist Party was the second largest party in Italy’s governing coalition, after the Christian Democrats. 

Within a couple of months, the Milan branch of the party was under investigation (which was called mani pulite – clean hands) and the net was closing in on its leader, Bettino Craxi, himself a former Prime Minister. 

The scandal then proceeded to engulf the Christian Democrats, in particular leading figures such as Giulio Andreotti and Arnaldo Forlani, themselves having held the office of Prime Minister several times.

The political class of the time, which had governed Italy since 1948, was decimated.

Unfortunately, the tangentopoli scandal, while sweeping way the old political class, didn’t lead to any real improvement in Italy’s governance. The country has essentially been stagnant ever since, and the politicians that took over, as it were, have proven themselves (with a couple of notable exceptions) to be completely inept and probably more corrupt. In Italian we call them iene (hyenas) and sciacalli (jackals). Many of them are former members of the old Italian Communist Party (PCI), which for years had a stench of illegal funding from the Soviet Union surrounding it. But of course, none of that was investigated as part of tangentopoli and mani pulite, but that is another story!

These iene were able to expertly adopt, as I have alluded to before in these pages, the mentality of the Gattopardo (the Leopard), that is to ensure that any change is paradoxically implemented so as to preserve their power and privilege. Despite the obvious need for serious economic and structural reforms, the country is prevented from enacting them, principally as a result of this mentality.

One of these leopards is outgoing Prime Minister Mario Draghi. He was appointed prime minister by President Sergio Mattarella in February 2021 to head an ‘emergency government of national unity’ after Parliament had failed, as often happens, to find a prime minister from among its ranks. Draghi is a former President of the European Central Bank, ex-managing director of Goldman Sachs, and chief inventor of ‘quantitative easing’ or Magic Money Theory. He is, therefore, the ultimate ‘Leopard’, which explains why his government imposed the most brutal vaccine passport regimes in the world.

Draghi, in fact, was President of the ECB in 2011 when a sovereign debt crisis was engineered to justify removing the last democratically elected prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, and install a bunch of euro-friendly technocrats to ‘save the single currency’.

Draghi was feted as ‘Super Mario’, the ‘great reformer’ who would relaunch Italy’s stagnant economy. However, his legacy is that he increased national debt by €30 billion and Italy will experience the slowest economic growth in the EU bloc next year, at just 0.9 per cent, owing to a decline in consumer spending due to rising prices and lower business investment – a result of rising borrowing and energy costs, as well as disruptions in the supply of Russian gas. 

Italy’s anaemic economy has led to, among other things, a generation of brain drain – a new wave of young, mainly professional, Italians leaving the country, looking for a better future elsewhere. Governments to address this have encouraged immigration, but Italy is on the front line of a wave of illegal migration that started in 2015 and never fully stopped. Of course, the EU has not lifted a finger to help, and neither have its member states. I have cousins that live in the town of Ventimiglia, near the French border on the Riviera. They tell me that any illegal migrants that manage to cross the border simply get taken back to Ventimiglia by the French police, leaving Italy to deal with them.

Fratelli d’Italia was the only major party that refused to join the Draghi government on the not unreasonable grounds that it is illegitimate given his unelected status.

What is more, Fratelli d’Italia was the only party that opposed not only Draghi’s brutal vaccine passport regime, but the draconian lockdowns as well.

Yes, the political elites, the iene, and sciacalli, are the ones who fear Meloni the most, and they will do whatever they can to bring her down. EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen said, as Italians went to the polls, that Brussels would ‘punish an Italian government that violates the EU’s social policy consensus’. There is an Italian expletive which readily comes to mind in response to such insolent arrogance.

Day after day Meloni has been called a fascista, and the legacy media is writing the most disgraceful garbage, accusing her, believe it or not, of engaging in identity politics! Probably because in a famous 2019 speech, she declared: 

‘Please answer me these questions … why is the family an enemy? Why is the family so frightening?

‘Everything that defines us is now an enemy for those who would like us to no longer have an identity and to simply be perfect consumer slaves.

‘And so they attack national identity, they attack religious identity, they attack gender identity, they attack family identity.

 ‘I must be citizen x, gender x, parent one, parent two … I must be a number.

‘We do not want to be numbers … we will defend the value of the human being.

‘I’m Giorgia, I’m a woman, I’m Christian, I’m a mother, I’m Italian, they won’t take that away from me.’

As Greg Sheridan wrote in The Australian, if we’re going to be forced to endure identity politics then there is nothing wrong with Meloni declaring proudly that she is a woman, a mother, a Christian, and an Italian. As she declared: Difenderemo Dio, patria e la famiglia che fanno tanto schifo a qualcuno! (We will defend God, country, and family. These things that disgust people so much!).

Moreover, as Sheridan, among others, also notes, Meloni’s program is a perfectly legitimate centre-right amalgam. She wants more police, less crime, cost-of-living relief, control over illegal immigration, lower taxes, reassertion of traditional Italian identity, support for moderate conservative social values and more independence from the dictates of the EU. She wants to address the energy crisis in part by increasing the supply of fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

That is why I voted for Giorgia Meloni. Viva l’Italia!

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Meloni’s Italy scares the Woke

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Flat White

28 September 2022

2:05 PM

There are going to be a lot of ridiculous headlines as hysterical left-wing publications come to terms with the (presumed) next conservative Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

Election of far-right Italian Government prompts warnings for LGBTQI community to re-think travel plans, says The West Australian, reporting from an alternate universe.

World leaders promise vigilance on human rights as far-right win in Italy, adds The Guardian.

Protect abortion and gay rights, Italy warned after hard-Right election victory, insisted MSN, despite Meloni already explicitly stating that she has no plans to interfere with abortion laws.

She also said that she would ‘govern for everyone’ but somehow national cohesion has turned into accusations of Fascism.

LGBTQ Italians on alert as right-wing alliance triumphs in election writes, NBC News.

There is, of course, no evidence at all to advise the LGBTQ community of any change in risk. The entire narrative that ‘LGBTQ people should live in terror’ is a reprehensible fabrication by sore losers in the activist community who have decided to spread fear amongst a minority group to discredit their political opposition.

In reality, the freight train of unpopular Woke and gender identity activism, which is experiencing a major backlash globally for the harm it presents to women and children, has been told to ‘hold up’ in Italy.

It’s a wonder Twitter and Facebook haven’t taken down these media outlets for repeating fake news, considering they are so quick to punish everyone else.

Giorgia Meloni’s dominant campaign platform was anti-illegal immigration along with a broader ‘anti-Woke’ stance. Italy has endured years of unrestrained migration that has left the nation a mess of crime, gangs, violence, and social unrest – all because Germany invited the third-world to ‘come on over’ and try out the welfare system under former Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Italy is angry. Through no fault of its own, people have seen their nation abused by uninvited guests who have caused major criminal harm. Italians want these poorly behaved illegal immigrants sent back to their homelands so that Italy can recover from its other economic woes – which is a perfectly reasonable demand for any nation to make.

Just because a handful of bureaucrats in Brussels think mass migration is a virtue, doesn’t mean the people have to agree.

While Meloni might be a nationalist (in the classical, not revolutionary sense), she is certainly not a Fascist – although left-wing media outlets partial to a bit of international socialism don’t understand the difference.

The Brothers of Italy have a few stray roots in Neo-fascist movements, but the problem with European political parties is that nearly all of them have distant feelers in either communism, Fascism, Marxism, socialism, or National Socialism. It’s impossible not to, given the melting pot of European politics during the last two world wars that dominated their political landscape. Modern parties evolved out of this mess and bear little resemblance to their past. Australia, America, and the UK are largely removed from this problem and so many observers are easily fooled by the media into thinking there is something extraordinary about a dubious history.

What matters with modern European parties is their stated policies and ethics, none of which are Fascist in the case of Meloni.

Remember, Mussolini’s Fascism was about uniting the divided ethnic groups and classes of Italy to trigger his long-desired workers’ socialist revolution – which isn’t surprising considering he was a Marxist socialist. Later, his Fascist movement came to describe the uniting of the previously fragmented Italian nation under the trade unions in a government controlled corporate state (a distinctly left-wing idea) – ending the class conflict by creating the totalitarian absolute government.

Mussolini’s nationalism was in service of socialist causes.

Popular European international socialists (rebranded as globalists) held the belief that nationhood and borders were ‘bad’ because they got in the way of centralised bureaucratic control. Nationalist socialist ideologies from last century rebelled against international socialism with the creation of alternate movements such as National Socialism (a race collective) and Fascism (a national collective). The two are not interchangeable, despite the laziness of modern commentators. There were quite a few less famous variations – none of which were communist and so the communists labelled them ‘far-right’. Liberal, Western, capitalist democracies were not even on this left-right spectrum.

This disaster is what we call the socialist civil war of Europe where competing versions of collectivist ideology dragged the world into half a century of bloodshed. The political spectrum runs from absolute state control on the far left, to true anarchy on the far right. Every authoritarian government is, by definition, on the left. This includes theocracies, which can inhabit both sides.

In the modern era, Meloni’s victory is a rebellion against the anti-democratic European Union which has been infuriating member states for years. Many of the critical problems facing European nations like Italy only exist because of policy failures and reckless decisions made by the European Union.

The only parallel you could draw between Meloni and Fascism is that her political movement is another rebellion against foreign socialist bureaucracies that have been working to erode national sovereignty. Her solution is a return to democracy, capitalism, and conservatism – almost the exact opposite of Fascism. If this changes, then we can re-open the discussion.

Given the unhinged headlines, anyone would think that Meloni had given a speech about establishing a dictatorship rather than returning to the conservative values of family and religion cherished by the majority of Italians.

So, why is the LGBTQ community spreading propaganda about Meloni and issuing unfounded travel warnings?

Mostly, because victimhood is an industry and if you’re not being oppressed you have to create the narrative that you might be oppressed. It is more likely that fringe activists who sit at the edge of acceptable speech are annoyed that the overwhelmingly Catholic Italy has rejected gender ideology politics (which is a separate movement to gay rights) and decided to re-embrace religion – the natural enemy of Marxism.

If we are talking about specifics, the activist community are still miffed that the Brothers of Italy joined a coalition of parties to vote down a bill designed to ‘make violence against women and LGBTQ people a hate crime’. Of course, nothing is ever as simple as it looks.

The Vatican took the unusual step of interfering to ensure the bill did not succeed, complaining that it threatened the religious freedom of the Catholic Church with evidence that if the bill became law it had the power to bring criminal cases against the Church for ‘refusing to conduct gay marriages, for opposing adoption by homosexual couples, or refusing to teach gender theory in Catholic schools’.

If the bill had constrained itself to genuine hate crimes, rather than arriving as a Trojan horse designed to incarcerate people for differences in opinion, it would have passed. In this case, it is the LGBTQ lobby that are the social aggressor looking to infringe upon other people’s liberties.

As a gay man and jurist Emanuele said:

‘We’ve overcome the danger of introducing the crime of having an opinion within our legal system, allowing for a judge to exercise discretion.’

Meloni made her views clear on this issue. ‘Yes to natural families, no to the LGBT lobby, yes to sexual identity, no to gender ideology, yes to the culture of life, no to the abyss of death.’ She also said that, ‘I believe a child has the right to grow up with a father and a mother,’ in reply to same-sex parenting questions.

For those who couldn’t find anything concrete to criticise Meloni on, they decided to speak hypothetically in the old ‘anything that isn’t active affirmation is discrimination’ routine.

‘Even if she doesn’t introduce any anti-LGBT laws, she will not speed up what we’re trying to do to improve the current situation. In fact, she will slow it down or do nothing about it, even though we’re already lagging behind our neighbours,’ said Robert Muzzetta, who is a board member of LGBTQ group Arcigay.

Hypocritical France can ‘watch Italy closely’ all it likes, but when it comes to free speech it was their nation that saw cartoonists murdered and the press blame the victims for causing offence. America, which is still recovering from their abortion debate, was more reserved in their criticism of Italy, stating that ‘Italy is a vital ally’ with a ‘strong democracy’.

The rise of Meloni is a response to arrogant left-wing politics practised by the born to rule class of the European Union. Those times, it seems, are coming to an end.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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