WWF climate cult indoctrinates NZ kids while scientists say nothing is wrong with the reef

Sep 28

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews


On 16th October, run4reef, a world first simultaneous running event to raise awareness and funds for the Great Barrier Reef will hit the street of Cairns and 21 other cities around Australia and New Zealand – and one group of local kids are banding together to lead the race across the community.

A range of kids from schools across the community have joined forces to create their very own run4reef training squad in preparation for the big race day, now just weeks away.

The kids will be taking part in the 1km kids fun run event and have spent many of the last weeks coming together to train and get race ready. They are driven by their passion for the environment, on a mission to encourage more Cairns locals of all abilities to get involved in the good cause.

run4reef will raise much-needed funds to help protect the Reef, with 15% of registration income supporting the Great Barrier Reef Foundation’s innovative ‘plant a coral initiative’, WWF-Australia, WWF-NZ and local government organisations.

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Comment by Nelle- People really need to wake up- Only an idiot would believe humans can change the climate-the climate is geared to do just that itself and has the ability to clear the poison from the air-grow back fresh plants to cover dying or burnt vegetation etc- it has been doing this for eons without any help from us so how arrogant is it to think we can do anything about it -People need to get a grip and those people brainwashing our young should be held to account-we, the people have the power to do wondrous things if only we realized our potential -and the Reef is healthy

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