Multiple online reports claim Chinese army coup

Sep 25

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The graphic posted on Twitter by Jennifer Zeng. Below: The massive China Telecom tower burns in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province.


WESTERN media, like China’s state-owned media, were silent over the weekend after India’s media ran rampant with rumours that Chinese President Xi Jinping was under house arrest in a coup run by the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA).

One Indian news site reported international and domestic flights to and from Beijing had been halted while a video posted on Twitter by Jennifer Zeng, apparently showed a 40km-long PLA military convoy going towards Beijing on September 22nd. Zeng reported that six senior anti-Xi officials had been arrested recently and three sentenced to death.

The reports coincided with news and dramatic video footage from September 16 showing a high-rise building on fire in the provincial capital of Changsha. The building housed the offices of China Telecom and was the secret data collection site for China extensive surveillance network, according to the China Insights YouTube channel.

The channel reported residents as saying the fire was suspicious and one of six fires that broke out in the city on the same day. Explosions were also heard but state media dismissed them as glass explosions. Social media sites imposed restrictions on reports of the fire.

The state media also only reported the major fire and said there were no casualties and communications had not be disrupted. But residents told China Insights there was a massive outage. The fires also coincided with President Xi Jingpin returning from a visit to Uzbekistan for SCO, the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia, the BRICS and other multilateral mechanisms to promote solidarity and mutual trust among related parties.

Several unconfirmed media reports over the weekend said Chinese President Xi was under house arrest, and the capital Beijing was under army control. The reports have not been confirmed by either Chinese credible media, or independently confirmed by India TV. 

The reports claimed further that international and domestic flights to and from Beijing have been halted, and that the city has been cut off from the rest of the world. Claims added that President Xiwas also removed from the post of PLA chief. 

A report by News Highland Vision stated that ex-Chinese President Hu Jintao and former PM Wen Jibao persuaded Song Ping, a former member of the Standing Committee, to join them and take control of the Central Guard Bureau, which is responsible for the security of the president, and the standing committee of the ruling Communist Party of China.

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