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Prince William’s dangerous green deal

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Flat White

22 September 2022

10:07 AM

Not even the most famous woman in the world can hold the news cycle for more than a week, and so it is that we return to the old favourite of apocalypse musical chairs.

Climate Change or Covid? Trump or Monkeypox? China or drag queens? The trending topics of society have a lot to say about our state of mind…

For those watching the Royal Family in the aftermath of Her Majesty’s death – hoping and (dare we say it) praying that her progeny would behave themselves – they may dismay at the video released yesterday.

The Prince of Wales has taken up his father’s green-tinged sceptre and waved it around at the Innovation Summit.

Unable to attend the event, he recorded a video message for the Earthshot Prize being handed out in New York.

Giving out awards is a non-event, royals do it all the time, but the words Prince William chose to say while he doing so are a little bit concerning after all the goodwill he amassed courting public favour last week.

‘Protecting the environment was close to my grandmother’s heart, and I know that she would have been delighted to hear about this event and the support you are all giving the Earthshot finalists – the next generation of environmental pioneers.

‘Together in this room are the people and organisations who will help us to achieve the Earthshot mission to repair, restore, and rejuvenate our planet within this current decade.

‘That mission is not simple.

‘Just as President John F Kennedy so famously said, when he challenged the United States of America to unite behind the goal of putting man on the moon, “We choose to do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard.”

‘I know that the world is an uncertain place right now, that many families and communities across the globe are facing unimaginable challenges – from conflicts to energy crises and food shortages. While addressing these in the short term, we must also remain resolutely focused on tackling the greatest challenges that threaten our tomorrow.

‘Because if we don’t, the change in climate will only serve to entrench these immediate challenges into fundamental global issues severely impacting the lives of each and every one of us.

‘That is why our collective mission is so urgent.’

It goes on… But Prince William sounds exactly as if he were narrating one of the World Economic Forum’s doomsday promotional videos released ahead of the last Davos forum – which is not surprising given that they are an official global alliance partner of Earthshot.

The Royal Family has made a critical mistake in conflating a love of country and taking care of the environment – which are non-political aspirations common to most Western citizens – with the heavily politicised and commercialised Green movement. The hint for Prince William is the number of billion-dollar corporations sitting on the sponsorship list.

It is the same mistake that his father made using the royal name to launch the widely despised Great Reset initiative.

If the Prince of Wales wants to start a Crown re-wilding program, sponsor more public parks, or create university scholarships to help the next generation learn more about the planet – that’s fine. He’d easily get away with it. But when it comes to involving himself with deeply political entities that give themselves awards for eco-activism with heavy shades of collectivist thinking, the Prince is going to run into serious problems.

As he rightly says, the world is heading into an energy crisis. What he fails to say is that it is a crisis largely caused by the relentless push toward renewables (something the Crown has involved itself in) at the expense of proper baseload energy. It is a disaster created by the ideology he is handing awards to.

The one thing the Royal Family doesn’t need right now is for its name to be anywhere near the energy-wrecking technologies of solar and wind as the people settle down to freezing homes and blackouts this winter.

Too bad his face is all over the climate-screeching Earthshot page.

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Comment by Nelle- -Very disappointed to read your article presented on Earthshot -you need to back off William what part of Royals never interfering in politics don’t you understand-the monarchy does not need this now -perhaps putting your face to projects helping humanity would be a better path to follow- and the majority would approve of that

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