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Forget multiculturalism

British culture and Christianity are a cultural treasure worth defending.

Dave Pellowe

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Dave Pellowe

20 September 2022

12:30 PM

The best of British culture has been on display these past ten or so days. We can use words like pomp and pageantry, ceremony and tradition… But this is all British culture and it’s worth preserving and promoting.

Its enemy is multiculturalism.

No, you flaming racists (those who accuse others of racism for nothing more than patriotism), I didn’t say other cultures are the enemy of British culture. I said multiculturalism, as an ideology, is the obvious enemy of any cultural constancy or single unifying cultural event.

Multiculturalism means we should invite the fabric of our national identity to be woven with more and more random threads until the pattern and design of a nation is unrecognisable. Nations lose their identity and its people lose their heritage. Multicultural is to dilute that which makes us who we are by the grace of God until the remaining flavour is bland and indistinct.

Why should every culture other than British culture be carefully preserved and curated for future generations? There is no insistence on multiculturalism in most other nations. Of course, cultures must be capable of embarrassment and maturation, but not at the cost of sacred identity.

When one leaves their homeland and settles in another, one must not expect the host nation to change to accommodate one’s own culture – unless one brings an army to conquer and colonise. If you are a guest and welcomed as a resident or even citizen, you must adapt and change, not your host.

I am Australian. Australians are British. My culture is not mere centuries old. My laws are not begun in 1901.

My culture is millennia old.

My laws are older than Magna Carta. My civilisation civilised the world and brought the finest of music, arts, government, science, industry, and civil administration that the world has ever seen.

The withdrawal of the British administration is often marked by the advent of corruption, incompetence, and instability.

Of course, Englishmen should be embarrassed by the worst of the Empire’s greed and brutality, a global history not peculiar to whites. But because we were embarrassed, we matured, and ushered in an era of unprecedented stability, peace, and liberty no other civilisation on record.

When I speak of a culture’s capacity for embarrassment, I mean its capacity to shake off its backwardness, injustice, ignorance, and incompetence. In many historical examples one culture has learned from another and advanced. But the only perfect culture we can and should safely emulate and calibrate to is Kingdom culture, the will and ways of the only true Sovereign, Jesus Christ.

Part of the British Crown Jewels and of immense significance in the coronation of our Kings and Queens is the Sovereign’s Orb. They are reminded when given the globe topped with the Holy cross:

Receive this orb set under the cross, and remember that the whole world is subject to the Power and Empire of Christ our Redeemer.

Their oath is to ‘maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel’, and to rely on help from God to perform and keep their promise.

What a tragedy to consider setting our wonderful culture adrift from the anchors of political humility and accountability represented in oaths and allegiances to our Monarchy. God save us from a politicians’ republic like France or America!

British culture and Christianity are a cultural treasure worth defending. Every nation should promote its own culture, balanced with the capacity for reformation and constant recalibration with the Kingdom of God. Multiculturalism and humanism, however, are the enemy of stability, peace, justice, and liberty.

Dave Pellowe is a Christian conservative writer and commentator, editor of The Good Sauce, and convener of the annual Church And State Summit. This article was first published here.

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Comment by Nelle-these ignorant people are protesting about the wrong people-the people we all need to protest against are our politicians who, without the backing of the majority , are squeezing the life out of our country and setting us up for the takeover by the elites and the Great Reset

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