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Tony Abbott: Andrews government worst in history

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Flat White

29 August 2022

3:40 PM

Former Liberal Prime Minister Tony Abbott has stepped back into the spotlight ahead of next month’s CPAC conference to call out Victoria’s Labor government as one of the worst in Australian history.

Speaking to Sky News Australia, Abbott was in Melbourne to inject a bit of life into the Liberal Party doormat – I mean – Matt Guy, who Andrews walks over on his way to the palace.

While it remains clear that the Victorian Liberals would have a better chance of winning government if Abbott ran as leader, at least his presence is creating some much-needed noise around the otherwise invisible Opposition.

Abbott’s criticisms are also warranted.

The Daniel Andrews Labor government has given Australia (and the world) a lesson in power overreach, incompetence, arrogance, cruelty, and waste.

None of that will matter in November if the Liberals don’t find their soul and stop pandering to the fringe green electorate who will never vote for them, regardless of how many solar panels they stick to their heads.

‘No one thought we had a chance in 2010 and we did extremely well against a first-term government because we had a strong sense of what we stood for.

‘A Liberal Party which stands for things and fights for things always has the scent of victory in its nostrils.’

In this, Abbott nails exactly why Matt(hew) Guy is in trouble. If the Victorian Liberals stand for anything, it is against the conservative values that Abbott ran to victory with.

For most voters, the only thing they remember of Matt is a parade of dancing lobsters which have been as effective at killing his political career as Trump was when he made light of Bloomberg’s box.

‘The fact is the Andrews government has been a seriously bad government. It’s been ethically challenged; it’s been confidence challenged. The hotel quarantine program, which ultimately caused the virus to leak out into the community at a time when almost no one had any immunity or vaccination – it killed 800 people.

‘It was one of the most inept programs in contemporary Australian history. This is a government which plainly has broken lots of rules. It’s created, effectively, a party state here in Victoria.’

Again, Abbott is spot on. Daniel Andrews has presided over appalling incidents – not least of all the sustained physical assault of protesters during Freedom rallies where the heavily-armed counter-terror police were called on ordinary citizens.

His government had pregnant women, pensioners, and parents handcuffed for the great crime or ‘walking outside’. You would think that having the elderly thrown to the ground or slammed into the side of police vans would be enough to make the electorate turn cold.

Andrews will be remembered as a tyrant by the critical eye of history, but he is also likely to be re-elected and sit as the longest-serving Labor premier – a bit like those socialist dictators who enjoy a lifelong throne surrounded by ruin.

The problem is not only Matthew Guy – a wholly lacklustre leader with insurmountable political baggage who creates a charismatic void on the rare occasion he flirts with the press. No, the issue with the Victorian Liberals goes far deeper into their green roots which have sunk into the party and turned the Opposition into a dying nature strip beside one of Andrews’ freeways.

‘The Andrews government is probably one of the worst governments Australia has ever had,’ finished Abbott. Yes, and it won’t matter one jot when the ballots are cast.

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