The puppet-master’s victory lap

Grace Curley

White House chief of staff Ron Klain (Getty)

Grace Curley

22 August 2022

11:30 PM

President Biden’s team of progressive bow-tied brainiacs are getting out their Champagne flutes.

Can you blame them?

Sure, the rest of the country may be struggling with inflation, high gas prices and soaring crime, but Team Biden is not going to let normal people problems get in the way of their celebrations.

According to the mainstream media, Biden is killing it.

The New York Times tells us, “Biden Is on a Roll That Any President Would Relish. Is It a Turning Point?”

New York magazine writes, “Biden’s On a Roll. So When Will His Approval Rating Go Up?”

Politico wonders, “Biden suddenly is piling up wins. Can Dems make it stick?”

With all of these wins “piling up,” it is strange that the president hasn’t been around more to soak in all his hard-fought victories.

Right when it was time to install the fountains of chocolate-chocolate-chip ice cream on the White House lawn, and for Kamala Harris to dust off her old “we did it Joe!” exclamation, Biden went on vacation. Again.

After a delightful week in Kiawah, South Carolina, Biden stopped at the White House to sign the Inflation Reduction Act and then headed out to his place in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Perhaps he had time to go back to the scene of the crime where he infamously toppled over on his bike. I hope he gave that crosswalk a piece of his mind.

While Biden’s Out of Office schedule shouldn’t surprise anyone, it is unfortunate that the president had to skip out on all of the post-signing gloating.

Fear not though Joe: a man was waiting in the wings who was thrilled to act as your pompous understudy.

Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain, took a break from retweeting Jennifer Rubin’s Washington Post columns, to give an interview to Politico about Biden’s winning streak.

Klain answered questions about what Joe Biden is dubbing “a season of substance.” He listed a variety of accomplishments including several pieces of legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act, the American Rescue Plan and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Like so much of Biden’s presidency in Klain’s eyes, the passing of these incredibly expensive bills is historic. In fact, Ron Klain retweeted Robert Schrum, who pointed out that Joe Biden is the most legislatively successful president since Lyndon B. Johnson! Of course, The Spectator’s Stephen L. Miller was quick to rain on the parade, replying, “How’d that work out for LBJ?”

But Klain and company are not going to let inconvenient history get in the way of their pork pipe dreams or 2022 aspirations. Ron told Politico that Biden’s record is one he can take to the American people.

Perhaps he is right.

But remember that Klain is the same guy who retweeted a Harvard professor who labeled inflation and supply chain problems as “high class problems.” The CoS doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to understanding people outside the Beltway.

In this same interview, Biden’s right-hand man also revealed that he can get a lot more work done when the president is not at the White House. Lucky for Ron, that seems to be quite often nowadays.

I hope the puppet master poured himself a strong one this weekend and savored his victory lap. He deserves it.

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