When truth is flummoxed by sophistry

Ron Pike The Spectator Australia 11 August 2022

Having watched the inexperienced Albanese government go from fighting a real pandemic threat in Covid to now apparently totally absorbed in fighting a non-threat called ‘Climate Change’, this Old Bushy wonders where the figureheads of all major parties get their facts? What drives these so-called leaders to embrace sophistry and deny truth?

Are these leaders equipped with any facts at all? Or is their ‘we’ll all be rooned’ Hanrahan-like approach contrived to make the electorate scared and give our leaders the appearance of acting to save us from heatwaves and pestilence caused by the scourge of Climate Change?

As I listen to Prime Minister Albanese tell us at great length that his government is going to fight Climate Change as a first priority and then proceeds to legislate for a 43 per cent emissions reduction target by 2050, only to be followed by Environment Minister Chris Bowen with a somber face telling us our future power must come from renewables, I am appalled. These are not rational announcements, they are not based on facts, they are more prognostication couched in sophistry. They are designed to mislead the Australian people. But why?!

Why, gentlemen are you so obsessive about destroying Australia’s productive capacity when you must know that Australia’s 1.4 per cent of the world’s emissions can make no difference even if we completely closed Australian industry and mining down?

Why is this government, like its predecessor, fighting a non-problem with a non-solution?

To this old Bushy, you make Don Quixote look rational and solution-achieving.

Surely our political Party figureheads and spokespersons must know by now that the hypothesis on which this whole anti-CO2 campaign was based has been debunked. The promoted hypothesis that man’s fossil fuels contribution would increase CO2 concentrations in the Earth’s atmosphere high enough to increase temperatures has not manifested in firm data. While the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has risen from around 280 parts per million to a present concentration of around 400 parts per million over the last 30 years; there has been no conclusive increase in atmospheric temperatures outside of historic norms. Far from the apocalypse, our environment is greener and more productive today than when CO2 concentrations were at historic lows.

In language that even our slowest political leaders should understand, increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are on the historical record as being beneficial to life on Earth.

So, why are you foolishly following Don Quixote?

Why are you destroying what was Australia’s great advantage, which is abundant, cheap, and reliable supplies of power and gas?

What pig-headed ignorance makes you believe that present policy will be beneficial to Australian producers? Slavishly following CO2 abatement policy will destroy our economy and our food-growing industries. Labor’s climate policy will make no difference to global temperatures, but it will ultimately topple governments and make those espousing such policies look like the cow pat that roared.

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