Don’t walk on the grass in Germany

Aug 11

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews

Letter to the Editor

I lived in Germany for a year, and spent a fair amount of time with the Germans, but I soon noticed, how a large proportion of their population exhibited an equal admixture of intelligence, combined with downright naivety, often bordering on stupidity.

On closer inspection, it soon became increasingly obvious, that a high percentage of the population were exhibiting the typical behavioural traits of mild autism, similar to low level Asperger’s.

Eg., the German obsession with gadgets, unnecessarily detail, ridiculous over- engineering, regimented daily routines, obsession for order, honesty, incapability at perceiving lies, etc, – hence their clock-work society.

The word ‘frank’ (honest), as in, I’m being entirely frank with you, etc, derives from the word Frank, ie,. the Germanic tribes of old Franconia, Frankland, or it’s modern name France. This was due to their inherent honesty. And it’s this, which they foolish project onto other people [with a different DNA and behaviour to theirs], whilst expecting them to behave like them: which they don’t.
They are simply incapable of realising this: that’s the mild autism in action.

Churchill knew the deal when he mockingly quipped: – ‘the Germans will never have a revolution, as that would entail walking on the grass!.’

H Salza


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One thought on “Don’t walk on the grass in Germany

  1. Now that is spot on! As I have commented elsewhere I blame Germany. A majority of the populace will follow a pig if it tells them authoritatively what they should do.

    They have signs on footpaths saying how long it will take to walk the distance! I ask you, what sense does that make??

    The article says the Germans are frank. I say that all too many are frankly stupid, hence two world wars and this one, the third, the war of words.


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