Bearded Lion Tactical

And we have traitorous people in this country that want to destroy this great warrior


On 11 June 2010, SOTG conducted a helicopter assault into Tizak, in the Kandahar Province.

Immediately upon insertion, the troop was engaged by machine gun and rocket propelled grenade fire from multiple, positions.

Two soldiers were WIA and the troop was pinned down by fire from three machine guns in an elevated fortified position to the south of the village.

Under the cover of close air, suppressive small arms and MG fire, CPL Roberts-Smith and his patrol manoeuvred to within 70 metres of the enemy in order to neutralise the machine gun positions and regain the initiative.

The patrol drew very heavy, intense, effective and sustained fire from the enemy position. Roberts-Smith and his patrol members fought to within 40 metres of the enemy position until, the weight of fire prevented movement forward. At this point, he identified cover provided by a small structure.

Approaching the structure, Roberts-Smith identified an insurgent grenadier engaging his patrol. Roberts-Smith engaged the insurgent at point-blank range resulting in the death of the insurgent.

With the members of his patrol still pinned down by the three enemy MG positions, he exposed his own position to draw fire away from his patrol, which enabled them to fire to at the enemy. His actions enabled his Patrol Commander to throw a grenade and silence one of the machine guns.

Seizing the advantage, Roberts-Smith, with a total disregard for his own safety, stormed the enemy position killing the two remaining machine gunners.

On seizing the fortified gun position, Roberts-Smith then took the initiative again and continued to assault enemy positions in depth during which he and another patrol member engaged and killed further enemy.

His acts of selfless valour directly enabled his troop to go on and clear the village of Taliban.

This decisive engagement subsequently caused the remainder of the Taliban in Shah Wali Kot District to retreat from the area.


Australian Army, Awarded the Victoria Cross for Australia

Corporal Benjamin Roberts-Smith, VC, MG

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