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A new era of disrespect and petty antics

Flat White

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Flat White

2 August 2022

9:00 AM

In recent months, Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe has mocked Australia’s political system, paraded into the chamber brandishing a symbol of Black Power, openly described herself as an ‘infiltrator’, and treated the oath of allegiance as a political stunt – but she’s happy to take the publicly-funded salary.

Pathetic scenes emerged from Parliament on Monday when Senators were being sworn in. Most treat their role as a representative of the people with reverence and respect within a system of government they are required to uphold, but Senator Thorpe used the occasion as an attention-seeking stunt.

Senator Thorpe walked through the chamber with her arm raised in a fist – a definitive symbol of Black Power.

Black Power is a global Marxist-Leninist movement linked to violent riots in America that endured for months and has been a tool of civil division and chaos in other parts of the world. Long gone are Black Power’s early days in America fighting for equality. It has evolved into something else.

Australia already has equality between ethnic groups – our founders ensured it. That is why many fight to preserve the great equaliser of citizenship, which is essential for a multi-ethnic nation. Instead of a nation of equals, Black Power seeks to re-assert the racial supremacy of one group and in doing so, invites citizens to explore their genetic makeup to a political, social, and economic advantage. What could go wrong?

It is an ideology that runs in direct conflict to the race-blind Constitutional democracy built in Australia and involves a pernicious version of ‘racial pride’ that introduces the notion of ‘race-based sin’ where the perceived crimes of history are transposed onto innocent people in modern times who share a skin colour. It is why teachers are dividing our children by colour and teaching them that they are ‘oppressors’ and ‘victims’. This is then used to demand reparations (money) from adults whose only crime is the accident of their genes.

Bridget Brennan, Indigenous Affairs Editor at the ABC, confirmed that this is the plan for the ‘Voice’ to Parliament, stating:

‘This has to be about justice. It has to be about reparations. It has to be about giving some power to Aboriginal communities.’

Her comments ignore the reality that more money is spent on Indigenous people than any other Australian group. NSW alone assigned $1.1 billion in 2021 for Indigenous services and there is tens of billions annually in the federal budget. (If ever there was a case for reparations, they have more than been paid.)

When it came to reciting the oath – a requirement of all Senators who wish to hold office – Senator Thorpe disgracefully insulted Her Majesty the Queen and in doing so, Australia’s political system, the nation’s heritage, and its people. The oath is not a moment for activism, it is a pledge to serve.

‘I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the colonising Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second,’ said Senator Thorpe.

She was immediately scorned and forced to behave like an adult in a position of great privilege. ‘Senator Thorpe – Senator Thorpe – you are required to recite the oath as printed on the card,’ insisted Sue Lines.

Senator Thorpe smirked her way through the correction.

The Senator, who has so-called ‘colonising’ ancestors of her own, threw into question her ability to serve in Parliament to the required standard due to remarks made on The Project.

‘The Australian flag does not represent me or my people. It represents the colonisation of these lands, and it has no permission to be here, there’s been no consent, there’s been no treaty, so that flag does not represent me.’

Earlier in June, Senator Thorpe said:

‘Absolutely, I’m here to infiltrate [Parliament]. I signed up to become a senator in the colonial project, and that wasn’t an easy decision for me personally, and it wasn’t an easy decision for my family either to support me in this. However, we need voices like this to question the illegitimate occupation of the colonial system in this country.’

The pay is good, though. Despite her obvious dislike of the political system that affords all Australians an equal voice and has been the world’s most stable, fair, and free in history – Senator Thorpe has no trouble pocketing the money courtesy of the ‘colonial colonising Queen’.

Given her European heritage as part-coloniser, one is left to wonder why she doesn’t take her activism seriously and give up her ‘voice’ in Parliament to someone with a more ‘worthy’ set of genes – because that is where this inherently racist Marxism is taking our political system…

Finally, the discussion about an Indigenous Voice is meant to be an act of respect – as was ‘Sorry Day’ and the permanent installation of the Aboriginal flag on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. But respect works both ways. Between Senator Thorpe’s childish behaviour, and Greens Leader Adam Bandt refusing to stand in front of the Australian flag, Australians must be questioning how serious the Greens really are about ‘respect’.

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