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The Guardian slumps to the Left

Flat White


Flat White

1 August 2022

7:00 AM

Oh no… Woke flagship publication The Guardian (that doubles as a slightly-deflated life-raft for perpetually offended social justice warriors) has reported a ‘slump’ in profits for the last 12 months.

The Guardian reported an 80 per cent reduction since 2021, with a profit of $1.46 million instead of its previously posted return of $7.68 million up to March of 2021.

This sudden drop was blamed on a rapid expansion of identity politics and fringe activist content – no – hold on. Sorry, a spokesperson from The Guardian explained the dip as a consequence of staff recruitment. ‘A decline in our profits is attributable to a number of factors, including an increase in costs due to investment in journalism.’

Despite hiring 50 new positions, the publication is yet to dig itself out of the backward corner of Wokeism with headlines like, The Earth’s distress is evident. To care for her, Australians need to adopt First Nations values – which included routine burning (can we get a carbon footprint calculation on that?) and the hunting of large marsupials to extinction. Or Could Long Covid lead to the rise of a four-day work-week? Although to be fair, that sounds like a natural evolution of  ‘man flu’ whose remedy involves watching TV and a severe allergic reaction to household chores.

Daniel Stinton, The Guardian’s managing director, insisted that cost burdens are responsible for the downturn in profit – as total revenue rose – but a cynic might suggest that The Guardian is playing host to theold ‘go Woke go broke’ fever.

Should you be one of those disgruntled readers fleeing the rabies-style progression of media, and you’re looking for a more considered and less tiresome approach to the news that includes genuine diversity, why not take out a subscription to The Spectator Australia?

If you hurry, you’ll receive a free umbrella to shield you from the next monsoon of Woke tears.

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