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The politics of a cult

The Left’s entire political corpus is built on a fantasy

David Votoupal

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David Votoupal

29 July 2022

7:00 AM

While Kemi Badenoch has recently been eliminated from the Conservative Party leadership race, it has not come without the usual smears.

She could have become the first black party leader and Prime Minister in any European government, yet this was never going to silence haters because she refused to be cowed by the Woke crowd and, most outrageously of all, she believes in Britain.


Indeed, even the possibility of being Britain’s first black Prime Minister did not exclude her from despicable smears. Badenoch, in they eyes of social media, could easily be linked to imaginary ‘fascism’ and whatnot. This is despite Britain today having no viable, or well-organised ‘fascist’ movement to speak of (nor any other English-speaking nation, for that matter).

Instead, Britain is a country gripped by a hysterical virtue-signalling cult.

There are many examples of this. Nowhere else is the nation’s health system codified into a religion. The hysteria of ‘anti-racism’ has resulted in the covering up of rapes in Rotherham, Rochdale, and Telford, all because authorities were petrified of being seen as ‘racist’. Something similar also happened with gang rapes in Sydney, greatly increasing racial tension in Australia.

Similarly, the ‘anti-fascist’ cult (formalised in radical communist groups like ANTIFA) is based entirely on imagination that some ‘fascist’ movement is around the corner. The hysterical reaction to the display of national flags is one such example. The entire ‘anti-fascist’ lie has effectively given Vladimir Putin the green light to commit genocide in Ukraine. This cult has nothing in common with Britain defeating genuine fascism in Africa in the second world war, for a start.

It’s ironic that the supporters of Donald Trump are accused of being a political cult by the very people whose belief system resembles not merely a cult, but a full-fledged irrational belief system.

The modern Left are a movement that claims to denounce greed and capitalism while being motivated by the prospect of profiting from an imaginary threat and providing lucrative employment for its cadres. They fund and administer a corrupt and bloated NGO sector.

Can you really take them seriously at all?

David Votoupal can be found writing here.

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