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Prince Charles’ ‘Great Reset’

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11 July 2022

6:00 AM

It’s a conspiracy, until it isn’t. There are those that claim to be ‘serious’ journalists who continue to insist that this ‘Great Reset nonsense’ doing the rounds on social media is just that – conspiracy hype.

To be fair, the central premise of the Great Reset as laid out by the World Economic Forum’s founder Klaus Schwab is the stuff of lunacy.

When footage emerges of a robe-clad Schwab pontificating to an audience of global leaders, celebrities, bankers, bureaucrats, and billionaires, the press either pretend they’re in a horror film with ghosts they can’t see, or – as has happened recently – they insist that the Great Reset is actually ‘a good thing’.

The problem for civilisation is that the upper echelons of power and wealth take Schwab and his plots for global manipulation very seriously.

Democracy is a nuisance that gets in the way of ‘smart people’ doing what’s best for the ‘greater good’. As Trudeau once eyed China’s communist system of totalitarian control, so too do our leaders. Convincing the public to give up steaks and property rights is annoying, so the excuse of ‘climate emergency’ was created as a non-negotiable reason to dismantle the free market and democratic governance.

Political leaders who bought into the Great Reset ideology and implemented its demands are experiencing a collapse of their political systems. Utopian ‘green’ ideology has hit the road with a screech and skid mark of burning rubber. Whether it is the mass protests in Sri Lanka or the slow-motion civil conflict of the Netherlands farming community – the ‘sustainable vision’ of a ‘kinder, greener world’ actually looks like a war zone littered with starvation, poverty, and violence.

Schwab warned us in a video back in 2020. ‘We have to be prepared for a more angry world.’

Theft usually makes people angry. In response to the disaster in Sri Lanka, the World Economic Forum released an article advocating for the immediate creation of ‘Circular Economy’ to fix the situation. Because of rising costs, asset holders – it argued – could be reduced to a handful of wealthy individuals while the rest of the public would be forced to ‘share’ and ‘rent’ things like cars. Somehow it seems unlikely that ‘owning nothing’ is a good plan to placate public outrage. People want to own things. It is a primary drive of human behaviour. Attempting to override this has been the mistake of every collectivist regime.

A pattern is emerging. International bureaucracies use Net Zero to force governments to destroy their agricultural sectors. Wealth immediately vanishes from the middle and working classes, triggering serious civil unrest. A crisis is declared, one that can only be escaped if the public accept handouts and a permanently reduced quality of life beholden to the generosity of the State. The nation is ‘reset’ with a significant transfer of wealth and rights.

Despite smoke quite literally rising as a warning from other nations, Australia and its European parent, the United Kingdom, are continuing on the road to ruin under the guidance of privileged luvvies.

While it is no surprise that banks, logistics companies, politicians, and international billionaires like the thought of micromanaging the global economy for their express benefit – it is less clear why the future King of England would cosy up to neo Marxists, eco-fascists, and international socialists who, by definition, want to end the monarchy.

Back in June of 2020, Prince Charles foolishly launched #TheGreatReset, tweeting out:

‘As we move from rescue to recovery, therefore, we have a unique, but rapidly shrinking, window of opportunity to learn lessons and reset ourselves on a more sustainable path. It is an opportunity we have never had before and may never have again. We must use all the levers we have at our disposal, knowing that each and every one of us has a vital role to play.’

And then later followed it up with:

‘#TheGreatReset initiative is designed to ensure businesses and communities ‘build back better’ by putting sustainable business practices at the heart of their operations as they begin to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.’

Repeated in almost every speech he has given on the topic is his ‘forty’ (now fifty) year dedication to environmentalism. It remains possible that he is one of the conned who fell for the do-gooder line as a way to ingratiate himself with the British public and fix his image after the death of Princess Diana.

A virtuous, planet-saving pastime is not the worst PR decision, the problem is that he picked a pack of power-hungry bureaucrats whose green schemes have been destroying the environment.

Prince Charles would have been much better off wandering into the Amazon rainforest armed with a shovel and bag of seeds, narrated by David Attenborough and stalked by a Netflix film crew.

During the video attached to his tweet, Prince Charles perfectly parrots the collectivist language of those who have explicitly stated they wish to use environmentalism as an excuse to dismantle capitalism and its democratic systems of government. They are the words of Extinction Rebellion and other extremist organisations.

‘Changing our current trajectory will require bold and imaginative action together with determination and decisive leadership. In order to secure our future and to prosper, we need to evolve our economic model, putting people and planet at the heart of global value creation. […] We need nothing short of a paradigm shift, one that inspires action at revolutionary levels and pace.’

Royalty should be more careful uttering the words ‘revolution’ in such a careless manner to a room full of collectivists, but the Prince’s naivety in politics serves as the perfect example of why he shouldn’t be dipping his toe into the water.

‘Global value creation’ is the core of so-called ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’ which is a form of socialism that has been tried a few times under different names where companies must adhere to ‘Environmental, Social, and Governance’ (ESG) – this is the score Sri Lanka managed to get full marks on by banning fertiliser shortly before the country turned into a scene from World War Z.

In the words of the WEF, an ESG is a measure of how ‘good’ a company is. It is an arbitrary moral attribute that allows the centralised bureaucracy to control a business and its products. This creates a situation where companies are no longer competing on product quality or customer service – but virtue.

The obvious outcome is a decline in standards and the killing off of high-quality small business innovators. This creates a business landscape dominated by half-arsed mega-corporates who pay their blood money to an environment cabal. It is the sort of policy that allows a billion-dollar chemical company growing food in a lab to earn a ranking as a ‘morally superior entity’ – shoving out the little family farmer living on the land with a couple of cows. It doesn’t matter that the former inhabits a concrete jungle – on paper, they look better.

With the trillions in private investment being forced into this environmental dream, entire rainforests could be planted, river systems cleaned up, damaged land restored, or farms revitalised. But that’s not where the money is going. Somehow, the world is spending untold fortunes and the only tangible outcome is rich people getting richer amid the collapse of wealth for the ordinary citizen and a global food crisis that has no genuine reason to exist.

Australian businesses are already being ranked by their ESG scores. Included in this ranking are highly problematic metrics such as the workforce profile which analyses the gender and race of employees meaning that a business that employs white men, for instance, is punished even if they happened to be the best people for the job. No, this isn’t replicated in places like China or South America.

Introducing a virtue ranking to employees where certain human beings are ‘less worthy’ is despicable behaviour being sold as ‘positive discrimination’ in the name of forced equality. Added to this is the disturbing demand that businesses mandate Covid vaccination for their employees or risk having their ESG score devalued. In effect, it is a social control of employees enforced by businesses so they can keep their virtue badge shiny – the stuff of nightmares. Human beings are little more than metrics in a corporate value scheme.

No matter how you reason it, ESG ranks human beings based on the colour of their skin and bits between their legs.

Far from being a passive talkfest, the World Economic Forum wrote the guidelines for ESG standards that have been adopted by ASX companies that we are all about to be forced to use without so much as a vote.

But is it really socialism? When you dismiss economic value and replace it with a calculation built on green/Woke virtue then yes, social capital has become the framework for the economy. From this measure, a bureaucracy has taken centralised control over the market – which is a new form of collectivised totalitarian economic system. It’s not the ‘working class’, it’s the ‘virtue class’ and the only thing they create is outrage.

How did we go from legislating employer regard for staff welfare to policing their identities? Who knows… But Stakeholder Capitalism and ESGs signify the end of economic freedom that brought the West to the pinnacle of peace, prosperity, and creativity.

The environmentalism that the Prince has decided to occupy himself with while he awaits to ascend the throne is not a harmless sort of apolitical tree-planting or rainforest-saving activity. He’s not hugging pandas or funding wildlife sanctuaries. Instead, he has engaged himself in a hybrid business and political uprising that threatens the survival of the political system which he is meant to oversee. In addition to being a betrayal of the ordinary citizen, his actions represent a failure to his sole duty as future king – to protect the constitutional monarchy from rising climate fascism and globalism (also known as international socialism).

Prince Charles said at the Sustainable Finance Roundtable, in Ottawa May 2022:

‘To help put ourselves on a more, what I can only describe as ‘war-like-footing’ in order to meet all these immense challenges. […] Governments alone simple do not have the trillions of dollars required to reach our stated climate, biodiversity, and SDG targets. And now, after endless procrastination, time is running out. With trillions of dollars in assets, the private sector and private finance hold the ultimate key to our success. And I can assure you they are looking to be part of the solution both in developed and emerging economies.’

This is not charity. For the Prince and the Crown, it is big business with ‘Net Zero’ renewables technology – particularly in wind farms – raking in hundreds of millions of pounds despite complaints about it destroying habitats and endangered species.

During his speech at the opening of COP26 in Glasgow, the Prince demanded a global price on carbon and insisted that ‘after billions of years of evolution, Nature is our best teacher – in this regard, restoring Natural Capital, accelerating Nature-based solutions and leveraging the circular bioeconomy will be vital to our efforts’.

He must have missed the history lesson where Nature is the biggest mass-murder of all, erasing life and resetting ecosystems with a scorched earth approach and ‘Net Zero’ interest in the survival of life. If we are going to talk in ‘facts’ the fact is that Nature is an amoral entity with no opinion on our survival that has been deified by bureaucrats that live in climate-controlled palaces. The Earth’s geological systems are cataclysmic and frequently bring about mass extinctions. Life uses the basic evolutionary and competitive principles of market capitalism to survive where diversity, merit, and self-interest generate infinite solutions to the problem of survival.

If the Prince wishes to learn from Nature, the lesson is that capitalism – not thinly-veiled socialism – is the answer to a better world. This requires returning market power to the people and stripping international bureaucracies, billionaires, bankers, and bored royalty of their regulatory power over the masses.

As Spectator Australia Editor Rowan Dean said last weekend on Outsiders:

‘Ask Boris Johnson. Ask Scott Morrison. Ask Naftali Bennett. All three Prime Ministers betrayed their conservative base by trotting off to grovel at the globalists in Glasgow during the COP26 Climate Change conference and all three Prime Ministers within eight months have been unceremoniously booted out of office. Three supposedly conservative careers that ended in ignominy. There’s a sharp warning there to all centre-right political leaders. Betray your base and pander to the climate cult at your peril. The ‘curse of COP’ will bring you crashing down.’ 

Prince Charles’ base of supporters are conservatives. His betrayal won’t change a government, but it could destroy our political system in its entirety.

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