Varroa mite killing bees a part of depopulation?

Jun 30

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews

Letter to the Editor

The mite found in Bio-Security monitored hives & found in the next door property. Did Bio-Security actually introduce this? Bushfires down that way nearly devastated most of the hives. There’s a shortage of talented Queen bed breeders already, you need your Queen bee breeders, farmers with their crops need the bees, back yard vege/food growers…us, need bees, the food chain breaks down without bees, it’s all cactus without Queen bee & hives.

Varroa mites infecting bee hives near Newcastle. How did they get into Australia?

The mid coast (NSW) bee breeders are looking at their hives & breeding programs being eradicated. Anything registered to govt becomes theirs, livestock, your children, bees, all for your safety & the greater good. They tried it up this way with bananas, they succeeded with eggs, anything self producing is in their line of fire, we are the target.

Food for us humans is targeted, we are targeted, your children are targeted. When something is coming for you, a threat, in the good ol days you take the threat out before it takes you out. The blind morons of today just don’t grasp the evil coming for us. God help us.

from Ethel-May Milburn


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