Greta furious over China’s new oil deal! (Just kidding)

Flat White

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Flat White

21 June 2022

7:28 PM

Dragging Australia over the coals of climate guilt is practically a registered sport for the IPCC. Despite being a Carbon negative country, panels of bureaucrats have convinced both Labor and Liberal politicians to dismantle the Australian power grid and cut the agricultural industry to meet unsustainable Net Zero emissions.

No doubt the resulting blackouts and food crisis will be blamed on ‘Climate Change’ instead of criminal negligence and stupidity.

These acts of national self-harm in the name of virtue signalling are not being replicated by the world’s communist aggressors. The United Nations frequently heaps praise on China’s ‘green’ credentials (Net Zero by 2060 – which none of us will be around to confirm), even though it is one of the world’s largest emitters and – more importantly – biggest polluters.

China boasts the most toxic river systems in the world, a situation being made rapidly worse with the up-scaling of solar panel and wind turbine production which sees heavy metals, radioactive sludge, and other pollutants entering waterways and forcing the relocation of villages.

The export of these miracle technologies is reserved for the West. You can’t keep the lights on for 1.4 billion people with a couple of solar panels glued to the roof, so the developing nation has – uh – developed a serious thirst for fossil fuels.

It’s a good thing they’re sitting next to one of the richest sources of oil and gas that has nowhere to sell except into China. Unsurprisingly, Russia pushed Saudia Arabia out and has taken its place as China’s largest oil supplier with 8.42 million tonnes of oil delivered in May, 2022.

China is getting Russian oil cheap, which is why some Chinese oil companies are buying up Russian reserves and then selling it to other nations at a markup. Europe needs Russian oil and if they’re not allowed to buy it cheaply from Russia, they’ll buy it at twice the cost from a middle man.

The restriction on Russia’s crude oil market is not quite as clear-cut as the moral puritans in the political sphere proclaim.

Even with significant sanctions on Russia, the European Union made up 61 per cent of the $100 billion Russia made from fossil fuel in the opening 100 days of the Ukraine war. This profit margin has tightened, with Russia watching European nations take steps to quickly replace the void left by Russian oil with domestic supply by re-opening exploration and production that was closed for ‘climate reasons’. In particular, nuclear is being fast-tracked to pick up the energy slack in a process that won’t be reversed in a hurry once it is achieved.

By accident, Putin’s war against Ukraine has not only strengthened Nato, it has also likely made the European Union energy self-sufficient. Finally.

This suits China. No doubt Xi Jinping likes having Putin’s crude oil market all to himself at a discounted price, especially as China tests the water of military escalation in the Pacific. The one thing you need lots of if you want to start a war is energy. In particular, military operations require old-fashioned fuel.

Russia has another customer in India, who has not cut ties with the Kremlin – although they have been openly critical of the war and offered non-lethal aid to Ukraine. Putin hasn’t retaliated against India’s comments, most likely because Putin doesn’t want to close off any additional trade markets – especially not with a customer that has over a billion people.

When it comes to Carbon ‘Net Zero’ virtue points, Russia and China surely rank among the most sinful nations on Earth. If the IPCC is to be believed, their actions are largely responsible for the rapidly approaching ‘apocalypse’ that will destroy humanity.

Where is the guilt? Why aren’t they dragged in front of the IPCC and shamed at the cult’s altar?

Barely a word is said about these giants. China, in particular, gets a free pass on any and all climate crimes because it has spent the last few decades buying the loyalty of the United Nations one country at a time. It is an international bureaucracy built on influence, not merit. The UN has long been used as a weapon to attack the few remaining democracies – such as Australia – by accusing them of crimes they have not committed while the worst perpetrators of geopolitical strife laugh into their champagne flutes. The goal is not to ‘transition Australia’ into a Net Zero future to ‘save the world’ – but to secure ‘green jobs’ for academic parasites and collect as much cash as possible from weak governments.

It is reasonable to expect tireless climate warrior and habitual panicker Greta Thunberg to chirp up and scold China for siphoning up Russia’s cheap oil – particularly as she was happy to point out on Twitter that Russia’s war against Ukraine has started a ‘gold rush’ on fossil fuels.

Mind you, the last time Greta tweeted mean things about China, the Chinese State press, China Daily, fat-shamed her by suggesting her weight didn’t seem to reflect her vegan claims.

Greta Tweeted (in 2021):

‘Yes, China is still categorized as a developing nation by WTO, they manufacture a lot of our products and so on. But that’s of course no excuse for ruining future and present living conditions. We can’t solve the climate crisis unless China drastically changes course. #MindTheGap’

And China Daily journalist Tang Ge replied:

‘Although she claims to be vegetarian, judging from the results of her growth, her carbon emissions are actually not low.’

Greta, who is vegan – not vegetarian – said that being ‘fat-shamed’ by part of the Chinese Communist government was a ‘pretty weird’ experience.

Strangely, the world’s press wasn’t particularly concerned about the Communist empire body-shaming a young woman either. If the world is to be run on a system of Carbon Credits, China must have a huge stash buried somewhere.

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