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Where are the visionary politicians?

Ron Pike

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Ron Pike

9 June 2022

11:00 AM

As I watch my Australia transition from a Liberal government that only managed around 36 per cent of the primary vote to a Labor government that got even fewer primary votes, I ponder if Australia has the unity of purpose to have a vision. A vision for a better future…

The reality is that nearly 70 per cent of voters did not want an Albanese Labor government and, in fact, nearly 32 per cent of voters did not want Labor or Liberal. In light of these huge divisions, I question is there a chance that we could regain the egalitarian, unity of purpose that was so evident with our first settlers and repeated after the second world war as we transformed an agrarian British outpost into a multi-ethnic industrial powerhouse?

What is the chance of present leaders recognising that productivity is never an accident? That it comes from a commitment to excellence, built on the rock of intelligent and focused planning. Led by true patriots, a visionary government would take the Australian people on a wonderful new journey to a more productive and harmonious future. We all want a future where our children will have a rewarding jobs and appreciate the self-esteem that flows from independent achievement.

Present divisions would be overcome by unity of purpose, but this old Bushy is not confident of that outcome.

To achieve any unity of purpose we must recognise that the food we eat, the water we drink, and the power we use for everything we do, are only there because previous generations invested their money and know-how in the future. Unless this generation quickly does the same, our standard of living will fall. 

Our sustenance, wealth, and future reside in the land beneath our feet. This wealth belongs to the Australian people and should always be developed and used in the best interests of the Australian people. We need to stop the lazy practice of just shipping raw materials overseas, only to buy back much more expensive finished goods. With visionary planning we could produce these goods here and become an exporter of quality finished products.

If we are to do so we must immediately curtail our binge on borrowing as it can never be the way to genuine prosperity. Present borrowing and the resulting growing debt are a burden on our people and their children that will destroy our standard of living if not reduced. To make matters worse, we are spending this borrowed money on lifestyle and circuses and not on the infrastructure needed to provide our future needs of power, water, gas, and fuel.

The golden rule to a better future and a country that works for everyone, is that everyone in the country must have work and contribute under the same laws. This will never be possible while we are foolishly chasing Climate Change abatement policies, which everyone agrees are useless. It is these impractical regulations that are denying our industrious people access to the tools of trade they need to be competitively productive.

We must stop promoting division and laud our egalitarian culture beginning with accepting that regardless of ethnic or racial origin or how long our ancestors have lived in this country, every person born in Australia is an equal indigenous citizen of this country with equal rights to share in the opportunities, resources, and responsibilities of our land.

Four decades of failure to invest in the infrastructure needed to supply our growing population with basic services like water, power, gas, and fuel (our tools of trade), while unwisely investing our limited capital in non-profit producing so-called renewable energy, city transport, and Climate Change abatement has left our economy incapable of competing with the rest of the world.

Ownership and managing of utilities needed to produce and deliver these basic tools of the trade such as transport facilities, ports, electricity production and distribution, water conservation and distribution, and gas distribution should always be vested with the people and managed by entities controlled by the people. This basic change away from government established monopolies combined with our natural resources of land, water, climate, and the know-how of our adaptive and competitive people, would give us the opportunity be the most prosperous nation on earth, but only if we plan for it.

As a steppingstone to a more flexible and entrepreneurial economy, we must run a budget in surplus by generating more taxpayers, not by taxing present taxpayers more. To do this, every person and every entity must pay some tax because all entities rely on government services. Every person and every entity should meet their obligations to our nation by paying tax (no exceptions like charities set up to avoid tax). We must generate more taxpaying jobs and cut back on taxpayer-funded jobs. This would require us to truncate the size of government, reject socialism, totalitarianism, and globalisation which are the enemies of the people and their freedom.

Adoption of a visionary plan for future prosperity could make Australia productive, prosperous, and proudly independent. I call this a cry for action by ‘Dinkum Aussies’ to re-establish Australia as a ‘can-do’ nation; making us a leader in engineering, construction, technology development, manufacturing industry, and agriculture.

It is a blunt call to both state and federal governments to stop hindering our productive enterprise and provide the sparks to fire up our potential.

Our Nation today is a shadow of the can-do egalitarian enthusiasm that started with our settlers and was boldly echoed by visionaries like Ben Chifley and his Minister for Public Works Nelson Lemon when they announced the commencement of the Snowy Scheme. Chifley said on that day: ‘This is a plan for the Nation and it needs the whole nation to back it.’

Where are our present-day visionary patriots like Chifley, Lemon, Bradfield, Playford and many others?

We need men and women of vision and political will if we are to be our best.

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