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Cook cancelled: when will we call this out as racism?

Alexandra Marshall

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Alexandra Marshall

18 June 2022

6:46 PM

Peaceful explorer, cartographer, and navigator Captain James Cook has been removed from the Australia versus England Test match crystal Cook Cup.

After a quarter of a century, one of the greatest men in history will be replaced by the ‘Ella-Mobbs Trophy’ due to be unveiled in Perth this July.

The hyphenated name is for two people, an English winger and casualty of the first world war on the Western Front Edgar Mobbs, and the Indigenous Australian Mark Ella who served as the first Indigenous captain.

Ultra-Woke Rugby Australia is believed to have led the move to rename the cup.

Bowing to the ridiculous cancel culture of the foreign Marxist-driven social movement set on committing acts of cultural vandalism in the West, Rugby Australia and the Rugby Football Union said that this change would ‘better represent’ the history of both nations.

‘The majority of Indigenous people wouldn’t want that [Cook’s name] on the cup,’ said Glen Ella, Mark’s twin, in a comment that would be deemed highly offensive and inappropriate if it were said about an Indigenous person.

‘I don’t have a problem, personally, it doesn’t really worry me. But to do the right thing by Aboriginal people, yeah, I understand why they’ve made that call. There is still a lot of angst about that among the elders, so they’re doing the right thing and making an effort to change the name to something more to do with rugby, and not carry those connotations.’

Considering Cook discovered Australia, no one would be playing rugby and certainly not an Australia-England Test match if it weren’t for Captain Cook.

‘The Wallabies’ England Test series will see a new trophy introduced for all future series between the nations. Australia and England first played against each other in a Test match in 1909 in London. With such a vast history between them, Rugby Australia and the Rugby Football Union made the decision that the trophy should better represent the proud rugby history of both nations,’ said an RFU spokesperson.

The claim is that Cook is a divisive figure in Australia – except that he isn’t – or at least he wasn’t until the Black Lives Matter mob latched onto the navigator and tried to tear down his achievements to elevate their race-driven revenge activism.

It has become Woke and ‘cool’ to hate the people who contributed the most to the founding of Australia, even when they were decent human beings.

Captain Cook quite literally put Australia on the map. By all accounts, his morality, ethics, courage, and leadership stand in better stead than most activists screeching at the nearest microphone. He was revered and honoured across Australian culture because he deserved it. He is also the link between England and Australia, hence his significance for the Test match trophy.

Despite being a good and peaceful man, he was killed and cooked in 1779 by Hawaiian natives.

The only criticism activists can level at Cook is that he ‘enabled Colonialism’ but if activists were being honest with history and themselves, every culture on Earth went out and explored lands. The Indigenous people of Australia are themselves explorers from Asia who came down in successive waves with today’s people having warred with, intermarried, and in many cases killed existing tribes.

As far as anyone can tell, Cook never killed anyone. At one point, he fired three non-lethal loads toward antagonistic Aboriginal warriors with the intention of scaring them away. One shot slightly injured a warrior in the leg after the warrior had thrown stones and other projectiles at Cook’s men. The object was to keep his crew safe after cultural misunderstandings arose during otherwise peaceful trade negotiations which the Aboriginal people had previously been engaged in. What is often left out of the story is that at the time of the shots being fired, the Aboriginal warriors were throwing poisoned darts with the intent of killing. Cook was merely trying to hold them back without causing harm while his men retreated.

This trade exchange between two peoples who were unable to communicate except through the most crude of hand signals and offerings is exaggerated by activists into an act of imperialism or aggression. It is a complete nonsense and fabrication of history designed to re-paint the world as a ‘struggle’ between victims and oppressors instead of human beings trying to navigate the world and its challenges.

Cook was an adventurer that greatly expanded our scientific knowledge of nature and geography – something that the Left proclaim to value and yet refuse to praise or acknowledge the individuals who actually did it because they don’t like the colour of their skin.

Cancelling people because of their heritage, culture, or skin colour is a racist trend imported from jealous, hateful Marxists looking to tear down their ideological betters and replace Australia’s truly equal political system with a race-based society of victimhood and division which can be easily extorted for money and power.

The Left love to go on about ‘offense’ well, it is offensive to attack, malign, and paint an historical figure like Captain James Cook with fabricated hatred. It shows a complete lack of respect to Australia, its history, and the story of how we all came to be here together in peace.

Shame on Rugby Australia and RFU for cancelling one of the greatest men in Australian history – especially considering they chase balls around for a living. Perspective…

Alexandra Marshall is an independent writer. If you would like to support her work, shout her a coffee over at donor-box.

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