Over the last few weeks, outrage surrounding the potential fourth-jab mandate for Victorian nurses has provided an opportune distraction for Ahpra, the chief regulator of the country’s healthcare system, to slip a peculiar amendment into their new code of conduct.

Unfortunately, there are no signs they are willing to budge off their pandemic narrative and want to keep vaccine mandates going even after the pandemic powers end.

So when the mandates are supposed to be dropped, this policy will keep the door open for hospitals and other industries under Ahpra’s oversight to choose to keep vaccinations a mandatory job requirement for health professionals.

Not just any jab like for COVID — but ALL vaccinations. It can be for anything they decide.

This is an outrage! Is anyone catching on?

WATCH and SHARE this medical practitioner’s warning about the knock-on effects this could create.

It may seem like a trivial change to an obscure point in an administrative policy, but it creates dangerous implications for healthcare professionals.

More mandates will mean fewer frontline staff like paramedics who are already struggling to keep up. It will impact our quality and access to care even further.

Everyone suffers in this scenario.

Yours truly,

Avi Yemini
Chief Australia Correspondent
Rebel News

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