Democracy as Mob Rule

Is President Xi Being Set Up for a Replay of Ceaușescu’s Downfall?

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Editor’s Note: This is quite very worrying. Mr. Xi has staked his reputation on so-called “Zero Covid”. Is the West possibly playing this inflexibility to his disadvantage?By persisting in this fallacy, the Chinese President risks losing the support of his population. This reminds us of the fate of Romania’s Ceaușescu. Most admired by his countrymen in 1968, hated and killed in the end after draconian deprivations of the population in order to develop the country and pay it’s debts at any cost. Is the West using the same playbook against Xi?

In continuing with China’s completely rational and totally not suspect “Covid Zero” policy, reports are now coming in that Chinese authorities are building “cages” around some homes.

This week, people living in Shanghai woke up to “green fences that had been installed by authorities overnight to restrict people’s movement,” according to a new report by The Mirror.

People with fences around their homes are not permitted to leave their properties, the report says.

Shanghai has had its 25 million citizens on lockdown for weeks due to a spike in Covid cases in the country. 39 people in the city died of Covid on Sunday, April 24, when the lockdowns began in full force.

Photographs of the green fencing being used to keep people in are making their rounds on social media. Meanwhile, citizens in Shanghai are already protesting and rebelling against the latest tranche of Covid lockdowns.

The Mirror writes that people are “shocked” by the latest step of putting up fencing. Residents had no clue the measures would be taken until they woke up one day to see it.

One foreign national told The Mirror that green fencing “popped up” a couple days ago and that the main gain to his complex was “chained up” three weeks ago.

The foreign national said: “There is a long corridor in our compound, and within the long corridor they put up another green fence three days ago. No one told us the reason it was installed.”

“No one can get out. I feel helpless. You don’t know when the lockdown is going to end. If your area gets fenced off, what if a fire breaks out? I don’t think anyone in their right mind can seal people’s homes.”

One Twitter user, a documentary filmmaker from China, wrote: “We all have heard stories of residents and even entire buildings refusing to go outside for mass testing. Some are fatigued, others fear that being together brings infection risks.”

““Some think sealed-off entrances like this are to separate these folks. The hope being that other residents of a community would not be punished for the lack of co-operation from a few. This might be wishful thinking,” they continued.

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