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Kudrin Should be Executed by a Firing Squad

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“Ultimately, what is probably required to end the war is a change not in Washington but in Moscow. In all likelihood, given Putin’s deep investment in the war, it will require someone other than him to take steps that would end Russia’s pariah status, economic crisis, and military quagmire. The West should make clear that it is ready to reward a new Russian leader prepared to take such steps even as it keeps up the pressure on the current one.”

This is what Kudrin said. This is way beyond the exercise of democracy in Russia. This is treason at the highest level. Calling for the overthrow of the legitimate president of the country by the 5th column, a Western lackey.

I can predict more trouble ahead for the Anglozionists and an increasingly possible war involving Russia against Israel. The West won’t let it down until the total wipe out by a coalition forces of Russia-China-Iran-(Turkey?), tacitly supported by India.

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