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Blaire White on ‘What is a Woman?’

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7 June 2022

12:55 PM

Political commentator Matt Walsh’s long-awaited documentary What is a Woman? dropped this week and oh boy there are a lot of feathers detached and wafting around in the battery hen house also known as Twitter.

Yes, the documentary is designed to troll the radical fringe of the transgender movement, but the point being made is that they need to be trolled. Society at large has been too terrified to question the movement for fear of being attacked by its powerful corporate and political friends and so it has grown into a cultural monster that requires a bit of playful clawing to deflate its outrageous lies.

A few years ago, gender was a settled science. Gender dysphoria was a genuine medical condition treated carefully by a range of practitioners. Today, the West is faced with gender as a social trend in a world where Tik Tok teens fake a whole range of medical conditions for fame (including gender disorders) – a situation indulged by adults to the point that leading medical advisers in government are so confused about ‘the right thing to say’ that have to take the definition of a woman ‘on notice’.

Most of the world is bewildered by this ‘last days of Rome’ mentality that has befallen the West.

Gender is obviously not ‘assigned at birth’ but defined at the moment of conception. It is the first thing a human life-form sorts out and yet fully-grown adults struggle (or pretend to struggle) with the concept in case a shouty activist pops out of the bushes. Gender is not the only area of coerced speech. Climate Change, Covid, Feminism, and all sorts of assorted ‘Woke’ playthings have made demands on citizen conformity to actively ‘agree’ with their rhetoric at the risk of being cancelled.

The corruption of gender is not only creating insane cultural problems for women, it has driven a wedge through the transgender community between those with genuine gender dysphoria and the ever-increasing mob of social media attention-seeking kids who treat gender as a commodity in an environment filled with predatory doctors and activists ready to monetise their bodies.

YouTube star and transgender activist Blaire White has been the voice of reason, working tirelessly in this space for many years.


NEW VIDEO: “What Is A Woman?” Movie Review: Matt Walsh’s INTENSE Trans Moviehttps://t.co/NDwtIqiRno

— Blaire White (@MsBlaireWhite) June 5, 2022

Her personal story of transitioning from a man to a woman has been one of honesty, respect, and common sense. She is one of several transgender voices fighting against the increasing screech of ‘do as we say or else!’ movement that demands society ‘affirm’ any and all declarations made by the trans movement, regardless of how harmful or inappropriate they are. In particular, her goal has been to protect children from the ‘affirmation adults’ who too quickly set them on an irreversible path.

Yesterday, Blaire White reviewed What is a Woman? and made observations that Australia’s floundering ‘Woke’ politicians could learn from.

‘First off, the concept of a gender-affirming therapist is inherently bad,’ says White, of Gert Comfrey.

White’s point is that people with gender dysphoria or thoughts of gender confusion should have those beliefs rigorously challenged to ensure that they are genuine before beginning the path to transition which is, as White states, irreversible. ‘The fact that she [Comfrey] goes into it saying that she is there to affirm your gender, is a problem.’

Gert Comfrey – despite working as a gender-affirming therapist – was one of Walsh’s many guests who were unable or unwilling to offer an answer to the documentary’s central question, what is a woman?

White also questions the role of politics when it comes to gender-affirmation in confused children.

‘To me, that’s doing a huge disservice to people that are coming to her struggling with something as serious, as confusing, and often debilitating as gender dysphoria.’

The question then turns to the new narrative that gender is ‘assigned at birth’ by doctors, rather than observed.

‘It is obviously stupid to imply that anyone’s gender is assigned at birth. Doctors are not God. They are not assigning a gender at birth, they are observing and recording a gender of a baby. Regardless of how that person ends up feeling about that gender marker that is placed at birth through simple objective observation of that person’s genitals – that’s obviously up in the air, but only for – what – 0.01 per cent of the population… The idea that we have to restructure all of society and all of our thoughts on gender because of that – it’s kind of like saying ‘doctors assign a baby to have ten fingers at birth’.’

When a group of (clearly young women) at a women’s rights march were asked what a woman is, they were speechless. These young girls were simply unable to formulate an answer despite being female – a situation that White calls ‘shocking’. It was, as she states, an innocuous question that has women feeling nervous.

Forget ‘women’s rights’ – progressive politics has gone so far down the post-modern rabbit hole that the objective truth of what it is to be a woman has been erased to the point women don’t know what they are. Is a world without a definition for a woman a consequence of the toxic patriarchy?

‘They inherently know – whether or not they’re steeped in actual trans discourse or knowledgeable about the subject – that was previously such an innocuous question is now this ideological battlefield for which you have to be on the right side or your life is over […] it’s not about what anyone actually believes, it’s about going with the crowd – with the bullies and saying what they want you to say.’

The bullying of women is a running theme in Walsh’s documentary. Objectively, a new generation of men have found a way to hitch themselves to the feminist movement and subvert its rules for their benefit. How can you argue against a transwoman winning at women’s sports if the public is forced to accept that ‘transwomen are women’? The false premise has left science squirming through complicated hormone definitions that ultimately mean nothing. Transition is a polite way of saying ‘mimicry’ but activists have disingenuously used a literal definition to supersede the biological definition of woman.

White also reviews alarming interviews with doctors involved in medical transition surgery who are able to say that no one regrets transitioning and then go on to describe the experiences of people who deeply regret their transitions.

‘She explains [Dr Marci Bowers] that the youngest person she has given a vaginoplasty to is 16, here in the States. That’s for bottom surgery. You can get top surgery in this country as early as 12.’ 

Bowers is the first transgender woman to perform gender confirmation/affirmation surgeries and apprenticed under Stanley Biber – known for giving Trinidad (the location of his surgeries) the title ‘Sex Change Capital of the World’. Bowers herself has performed over 2,000 of these surgeries and also does pioneering work in clitoral restoration surgery free of charge for survivors of female genital mutilation.

White’s concern is listening to industry leaders deny or ignore the very real (and rising) community of de-transitioners who are encouraged to undergo irreversible surgery with fewer safeguards than ever before – many of these minors – and regret their surgery. Despite White knowing something was wrong with her gender as a child, she firmly insists that only adults can consent to the permanent physical changes that transitioning entails – particularly she takes issues with the softening of language (like hormone blockers) which are actually chemicals used to castrate sex offenders. These are the things doctors are now prescribing to young children.

The interview that everyone was waiting for comment on was with the blue-haired Dr Michelle Forcier, whose documentary clips were heavily featured in promotional footage – as White describes it ‘the most insane interview in the film’.

Can four-year-olds decide their gender? This is the premise of Forcier’s point of view, which was tested by the counter argument that young children readily believe in fantasies, such as Santa Claus.

The answer Forcier gives is not a real answer. ‘Well, maybe that just means we should appreciate their imagination.’

White makes a far better point.

‘The Santa Claus analogy is actually a very good one, because it does reveal that four-year-olds obviously cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality. They have only been in reality for four years. But also, Santa Claus is a lie that adults tell kids – albeit, it’s not a malicious one. However, it is an example of a lie that adults tell kids that affects their world view. It is the same when young, effeminate boys or Tom Boys are told they must be trans because they are slightly gender non-conforming – and that’s what’s happening today.’

Indeed, the transgender community for the very young has spiralled out of control in what can only be described as a social trend driven by the culturally encouraged quest for victimhood. Instead of waiting to see how many of these kids get bored of the fad and move on as they grow up, the medical industry snatches the very young and sets them on a path of lifelong dependency and irreversible surgical damage.

Blaire White’s quest to protect children by re-establishing proper medical protections against irresponsible parents living vicariously through their ‘trans’ kids and confused teenagers faking disorders for ‘likes’ is a noble one that places her directly in the path of the (often vicious) activist movement.

If a conservative transwoman is out there fighting in the Culture Wars to protect our kids, what’s stopping the Australian Liberal Party?

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