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Safety and efficacy

Gabriël A Moens AM and Augusto Zimmermann


Gabriël A Moens AM and Augusto Zimmermann

19 May 2022

2:00 PM

Since the beginning of 2021, the official narrative with regards to the Covid vaccines has maintained that the vaccines are safe, efficacious, and saving lives.

For example, Premier Mark McGowan of Western Australia stated that, ‘By getting to higher levels of third dose vaccination we’re going to save lots of lives.’ However, in succeeding months, there were indications that this official narrative, fanatically promoted by governments and health bureaucracies and ruthlessly enforced by politicised police forces, is misleading, and even neglectful in the light of the demonstrable side-effects of the vaccines. 

These side effects have been noted, and sometimes denied, by the medical fraternity, which itself is hopelessly divided as to the benefits that these vaccines may offer to people. Moreover, governments around the world have imposed vaccine mandates on people.

American President Joe Biden even disingenuously called the pandemic ‘a pandemic of the unvaccinated’.

This claim is patently untrue, as demonstrated by both the science and the statistics. Writing in the prestigious medical journal,The Lancet, Carlos Franco-Paredes, associate professor of infectious diseases at the University of Colorado, comments: 

The scientific rationale for mandatory vaccination in the USA relies on the premise that vaccination prevents transmission to others, resulting in a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. Yet, the demonstration of Covid breakthrough infections among fully vaccinated health-care workers (HCW) in Israel, who in turn may transmit this infection to their patients, requires a reassessment of compulsory vaccination policies … Indeed, there is growing evidence that peak viral titres in the upper airways of the lungs and culturable virus are similar in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. A recent investigation by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of an outbreak of Covid in a prison in Texas showed the equal presence of infectious virus in the nasopharynx of vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. Similarly, researchers in California observed no major differences between vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in terms of SARS-CoV-2 viral loads in the nasopharynx, even in those with proven asymptomatic infection.’

This scientific research reveals that the fully vaccinated are getting infected at the same rate and to the same degree as the unvaccinated, and they are transmitting the virus to others at the same rate, too. Therefore, it is worth noting that, if vaccination does not prevent Covid infection and transmission, then there is no reason to force anyone to get vaccinated.

As Professor Franco-Paredes indicates, breakthrough infections among the fully vaccinated, not to mention ongoing transmissions from the fully vaccinated ‘requires a reassessment of compulsory vaccination policies’.

To illustrate this, on January 15, 2022 six people died of Covid in Queensland – and all six were vaccinated. The Queensland Chief Health Officer, Dr John Gerrard, reported:

‘Sadly, we have six deaths to report today … All these people had in fact received a vaccine. It is a reminder that even the vaccinated can get severe disease, particularly if you have underlying medical issues.’

For these six people, and many more like them each day, the vaccines have been a total failure. 

A recently published book gives an insight into the thinking of many doctors in the United States. The book, Vaxlit: Vaccinated from Truth, is authored by a Pharmaceutical Rep, who has more than two decades of experience working for a Big Pharma company that produces the vaccines. He has been privy to, and has overheard, interesting and revealing pieces of information about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines. However, when authoring the book, he sought to remain anonymous because those who question the official version regarding the safety and efficacy of the vaccines may be dismissed. But in his book, the author courageously provides valuable information for the public and facilitates an understanding of the hidden insalubrious story of the vaccines.

Specifically, the author shares sobering information, released by a research group at the John Hopkins University on February 1, 2022.

The researchers indicate that the actions taken by governments around the world, including Australian governments, are deeply flawed and reveal an unwillingness to allow different approaches to conquering the pandemic. Addressing the efficacy of lockdowns, they point out that lockdowns during the first Covid wave in the spring of 2020 only reduced Covid mortality by 0.2 per cent in the United States and Europe.

Although lockdowns have no tangible public health benefits, they were relentlessly enforced, inflicting immense misery on people and devastating the economic landscape. John Hopkins’ researchers thus concluded that, ‘Lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.’

The author of this book also recalls the disastrous promotion of vaccination of children, even infants, with an experimental drug, not knowing what the consequences might be in the future. For instance, following the adoption of recommendations from the Australian Technical Advisory Group (‘ATAGI’), the Australian government decided to extend the Covid vaccination program to all children aged 5-11 years.

This is a disturbing development that every reasonable person, especially parents, need to consider carefully for a number of reasons. For example, on 19 July 2021 the U.K. government’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) issued an important statement advising against any vaccination of children under the age of 18. As stated in the relevant document: ‘JCVI is of the view that the health benefits of universal vaccination in children and young people below the age of 18 years do not outweigh the potential risks.’

So, given the already known potential harms of vaccines, of which myocarditis is just one, and the unknown potential long-term adverse effects which may come to light only after many years, the decision of the Australian government to seek to vaccinate every person regardless of age and/or health condition, is objectively wrong and not supported by the best scientific evidence. As an article from the British Medical Journal explains: 

From a public health standpoint, it makes poor sense to impose vaccine side-effects on people at minimal risk of severe Covid. The argument that it protects others is weak or contrary to evidence. This conclusion suggests a policy of targeting vaccination to those at highest risk, allowing broader post-infection immunity to provide community protection.’

The sound evidence presented by the author of Vaxlit is truly compelling. Heconcludes that ‘we are being gaslit about the safety and efficacy of the Covid vaccines’. The book demonstrates that there are clearly valid reasons to be sceptical of the vaccines (efficacy being just one of them), and those who refuse the injections, using the language of WA Premier Mark McGowan, should not be ridiculed as people who ‘need to grow a brain’. 

Hence, there is little doubt that the governments’ official narrative is misleading. The suspicion, that people have been misled about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines, is strengthened by the governments’ discontinuation of their comparative reporting on unvaccinated and vaccinated populations.

For example, in the United Kingdom (U.K.), Public Health Scotland announced in late February 2022 that it would stop reporting deaths and hospitalisations by vaccination status. The U.K. Health Security Agency, in its March 31 report, has announced the same change. This report shows that in the previous four weeks nearly 90 per cent of adult cases ‘presenting to emergency care’ with an overnight stay, and more than 90 per cent of deaths, were vaccinated and especially fully vaccinated.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is under considerable pressure to finally release its safety and efficacy data on Covid vaccines and therapeutics. Epidemiologists say FDA have ‘generated more confusion than clarity’ from public vaccine data, obscuring the crucial question: ‘Likelihood of a serious adverse reaction occurring per vaccination dose.’

‘The fact that the data in the FDA’s possession has remained behind an FDA firewall for more than 18 months is appalling,’ Rep. Bill Posey (R-Fla.) wrote to Commissioner Robert Califf, noting the agency unsuccessfully asked a court to dribble out Pfizer vaccine data over a period of 55-75 years.

The 1967 Freedom of Information Law in America requires federal agencies to respond to information requests within twenty business days. However, when a group of more than thirty professors and scientists from universities including Yale, Harvard, UCLA, and Brown asked the federal government to share the data it relied upon in licensing Pfizer’s Covid vaccine, 55 years is how long FDA proposed it should be given to review and release the vaccine-related documents responsive to the request. As a result, these professors and scientists were forced to file a lawsuit in September 2021 in the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas, seeking expedited access to the records. They argue that releasing the information could help reassure the vaccine is indeed ‘safe and effective and, thus, increase confidence in the Pfizer vaccine’. 

In Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morrison initially wanted the Covid vaccines to be as mandatory as possible. ‘I expect that it would be as mandatory as you can possibly make it,’ he said. ‘We’ve got to get to 95 per cent,’ he told Melbourne’s 3AW radio.

However, evidence continues to mount that these vaccines do not deserve the continuing provisional approval given to them by the Australian Government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Concerning injuries caused by the Covid vaccines, as of November 15, 2021, over 10,000 Australians have lodged injury claims under the government’s ‘Covid vaccine claims scheme’ set up to ‘reimburse people who suffer a moderate to significant impact following an adverse reaction to an approved Covid vaccine’. Doubtless, the number of claimants is now, six months later, much higher. As of January 30, 2022, the TGA had received 106,173 reports of adverse effects from the current vaccines. 

Concerns about possible adverse side effects of these vaccines are too numerous to ignore any longer. A cost-benefit analysis by Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and independent researcher Kathy Dopp, shows that Covid vaccines are deadlier than Covid itself for anyone under the age of eighty. Their important cost-benefit analysis looked at publicly available official data from the U.K. and America for all age groups and compared all-cause mortality to the risk of dying from Covid. ‘All age groups under 50 years old are at greater risk of fatality after receiving a Covid vaccination than an unvaccinated person is at risk of a Covid death,’ they concluded. Moreover, ‘All age groups under 80 years old have virtually not benefited from receiving a Covid vaccine, and the younger ages incur significant risks.’

According to Seneff and Dopp:

This analysis is conservative because it ignores the fact that inoculation-induced adverse events such as thrombosis, myocarditis, Bells’ palsy, and other vaccine-induced injuries can lead to a shortened life span. When one takes into consideration the fact there is approximately a 90 per cent decrease in risk of Covid death if early treatment is provided to all symptomatic high-risk persons, one can only conclude that mandates of Covid inoculations are ill-advised. Considering the emergence of antibody-resistance variants like Delta and Omicron, for most age groups Covid vaccine inoculations result in higher death rates than Covid does for the unvaccinated.’

As such, concerns have not been expressed for other vaccines, the points made by these researchers is a legitimate cause for concern.

Certainly, the potential for severe injury from the Covid vaccines is a matter that deserves serious reflection, and those who give weight to it should not be berated or bullied by those who do not. It is difficult to know how many fully vaccinated people are dying from the vaccine. Government and medical authorities conceal these figures, and even when they are revealed in press conferences, news outlets generally do not report them, or report them in passing halfway through an article. Still, the above accounts reveal what dangers are associated with the vaccines. 

None of this is to argue that vaccines are necessarily ineffective. We are disturbed by the ungracious and untruthful way that some people are speaking about those who have concerns about the safety and/or the effectiveness of the vaccines. WA Premier Mark McGowan has set the tone, declaring, ‘They’re a pack of drongos, idiots, morons, absolute cretins!’ Sadly, others in the community seem all too eager to follow his vile example. 

By now we must be convinced that the fully vaccinated are not entirely protected against Covid. Indeed, the fact that our governments are mandating a ‘booster’ injection every four months after the previous one is tangible proof of how poorly these vaccines have been performing. Thus, the question is why any, let alone so many, of the vaccinated, can get so critically ill from the very disease they have been vaccinated against. This should make us more seriously question (a) the effectiveness of these vaccines, (b) the legitimacy of reservations about these vaccines, and (c) the supreme illegitimacy of forcing people to be injected with such vaccines. 

Curiously, the official narrative, which seeks to placate people’s concern about the safety of the vaccines, has financially benefited Big Pharma, with the Pfizer stock price soaring. So, the question should be asked whether governments and the media are colluding to ensure an increase in Big Pharma’s corporate profits, which however, do not prioritise the protection of health.

It is also ironic that the ‘My Body, My Choice’ slogan, so frequently heard in America, only appears to be promoted by the proponents of abortion but is noticeably dumped when impressionable and indoctrinated children seek to alleviate their puberty anxiety by applying for a gender re-allocation surgery. In introducing vaccine mandates, governments and compliant businesses also disregard the slogan when they advocate, or demand, the injection of a potentially poisonous substance into the body of unsuspecting people.

Ultimately, as is recognised by the author of Vaxlit – a fascinating and revealing book – we live in an insane world, which he defines as ‘doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results’. His well-documented argument that the current Covid vaccines are not working and not preventing people from contracting Covid, or even from dying from the disease, should be seriously considered.

Augusto Zimmermann is professor and head of law at Sheridan Institute of Higher Education in Perth. He is also president of the Western Australian (WA) Legal Theory Association and served as a member of WA’s law reform commission from 2012 to 2017. Zimmermann is an adjunct professor at the University of Notre Dame Australia, and has co-authored several books including Emergency Powers, Covid Restrictions & Mandatory Vaccination—A Rule-of-Law Perspective (Connor Court).

Gabriël A. Moens AM is an emeritus professor of law at the University of Queensland and served as pro vice-chancellor and dean at Murdoch University. In 2003, Moens was awarded the Australian Centenary Medal by the prime minister for services to education. He has taught extensively across Australia, Asia, Europe, and the United States. Moens has recently published two novels “A Twisted Choice” (Boolarong Press, 2020) and “The Coincidence” (Connor Court Publishing, 2021).

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