Stop WHO taking control of our healthcare decisions

Stop WHO taking control of our healthcare decisions
Australia is facing a major sovereignty crisis with the World Health Organisation (WHO) poised to take control of our healthcare decisions and fundamental rights.   This hand over is set to occur next week at the World Health Assembly meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.   Are we being melodramatic? No, absolutely not. This is as serious as it gets.   Once we sign this treaty next week, the WHO will determine how Australia and other countries respond in a time of crisis. National sovereignty around the world is under attack.   The WHO plan to develop early warning criteria and tell Australia how to handle health risks. We must hand over public health information within 48 hours if the WHO notifies Australia that they have determined we have an emerging public health crisis.   Dr. Tedros, the Director-General of the WHO, decides when there is a health emergency, even when an event has not been determined to meet the criteria for a public health emergency! Our Federal Government will have no say.   These amendments to the International Health Regulations in combination with the new ‘WHO pandemic treaty’, give the WHO total control over our societies’ response to a potential health threat.   The WHO will have power to impose lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations and tracking apps on our people. We MUST stop this.   You can read more about this alarming issue HERE.   The UAP can do nothing to help unless we win seats in Saturday’s Federal Election. We need your help to end this unethical takeover. If you can spare a few hours on Election Day (this Saturday) to assist on polling booths, please contact your local United Australia Party candidate to express your interest.
You can download a list of United Australia Party candidates phone numbers and email addresses HERE, or alternatively call our office on 07 3532 3847 and we will put you in touch with them.
We need your help and now is the time!

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