“Operation Ironclad”: the invasion of Madagascar 5-7th May 2022

The Tree of Life

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

6th May 2022

On May 5th British forces began “Operation Ironclad”, the invasion of Madagascar to keep the Vichy French territory from falling to a possible Japanese invasion. A subsequent campaign to secure the entire island, Operation Stream Line Jane, was opened on 10th September.

Now this is probably one of the least well known operations. Hardly surprising perhaps, Madagascar is not on most people’s radar as it were although the animated films have no doubt raised its profile.

Anyway, I thought I ought to talk about it in a post. Nobody has come from Madagascar to my site yet, so this might elicit a response and then I would have my 100 countries up!

I will address it as usual in my hopefully amusing fashion and playing with the words and we can see what comes of it. Names may be quite incorrect but ‘Let…

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