Will YOU vote for freedom or fascism? 

  April has been a month of twists and turns as governments retreat from their mandates for poorly-performing vaccines with known severe adverse impacts – including death. But, you won’t hear anything other than the shots are “safe and effective”. We discuss in this newsletter how successful we believe that governments responses have (not) been.    May is election month – but are you properly informed and know HOW to vote if freedoms and democracy are critically important to you? Please read the section “HOW TO VOTE FOR THE RESULT YOU WANT” at the end of this newsletter.  The same tired-old-campaign tricks and political-theatre is now in full swing. Parties and politicians continue to treat voters as fools, hoping the majority will buy their lies despite two years of personal, social, business and economic destruction.  They hope victims of their own mismanagement and discrimination will forget and forgive…but will they?      The government’s mantra of ” deliverying more jobs, lower taxes, roads and rail” is a distraction from their $1Trillion debt, their trampling of human rights and removal of our freedoms, their control of the media thru taxpayer funded ‘media grants’ and blatant breaches of the Australian Constitution ( Chp 53, 23a) under their mandates.   They have been caught promoting misinformation while tighening down on truths, grasping onto distractions such as Russia and Ukraine and claiming our economy is ‘bouncing back’ as cover for their dangerous plans for our nation.  The Trusted Digital ID bill, if passed, will make virtual prisoners of us all….but no-one is talking about it!    Meanwhile, around the world,  governments are busy imposing the WEF’s same fascist-style Digital ID platforms and Social Credit Systems (SCS) on their populations – with or without their knowledge or permission.  Bologna will be Itay’s first city to trial the SCS while Canada and The Netherlands have already introduced the ‘KTDI ‘or Known Traveller Digital Indentity’. ( passports are apparently not enough!) Meanwhile, in China thousands of ships sit idle in ports as supply chains grind to a halt…..apparently due to COVID!    On 21st May, Australians will decide their own future. Will their choice be fascism or freedom?   The Great Reset’s “ you will own nothing and be happy” will become a reality under Agenda 2030, if we vote for parties and poiliticians who support the removal of our private property, control over our bank accounts, misuse of our biomedical data, sharing of our personal data with organizations overseas, public and private digital tracking of ALL our movements, and the abuse of our human rights. The  ‘Trusted Digital ID’ bill will pass with the support of both major parties, making us all virtual prisoners in a digital jail. Cash will be replaced by trackable and controllable Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)  and Australians will no longer be ‘young and free’. No major party will discuss this frightening future….as they simply don’t want YOU to find out BEFORE YOU VOTE!  This month we discuss HOW to vote – and why this election has become the tipping point for our our nation!  .    
…….but our politicians are silent! 
  It is telling that the ‘TRUSTED DIGITAL ID’ – possibly the most critical piece of legislation in this nation’s history, is not the topic of conversation or debate in the lead-up to the 2022 election.  The most important piece of legislation that willimpact every Australian is conveniently not being discussed. The Trusted Digital ID is the fore-runner of China’s Social Credit System ( SCS) and along with a change in the monetary system from fiat currency ( money not backed by gold) to CBDC’s ( Central Bank Digital Currency), it will allow anyone with access to the data, total control over every person. It is the Australia Card of yesteryear on steroids but with Communist-style overlays.    Disagree with the government and your right to participate in general society will be restricted. Already in China over 23 million Chinese are NOT permitted to use Public Transport.  Recently protestors against the mandates in Canada, had their bank accounts frozen, their truck insurance policies suspended and their drivers licenses revoked. This is the start of a global digital control system over all citizens of participating nations.  It is FASCIST in nature, DISCRIMINATORY in application and the end of freedoms as we know them.   Australia’s draft digital ID bill is accessible online.  The first draft is written in generic terms to facilitate it’s passage in parliament, later to be amended many times until it is potentially a perfect replica of Communist China’s Social Credit System. MPs and Senators who have not done their research, or who support The Great Reset and the creation of a new fascist-state will deliver it.  These are the politicians that should be voted OUT by you.  WHO you vote for, and WHAT you vote for in 2022 has never been more important!     
  Read the draft  ‘Trusted’ Digital ID bill here:  

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