Doctor: The TRUTH About Cannabis & CBD

Earlier this year, the state of Connecticut (CT) legalized cannabis.

Connecticut and cannabis both mean a lot to me…

I’m California-born and bred, but I’ve been living in Connecticut for most of my adult life.

Connecticut is where my wife (Dr. Amanda) and I raised our three children…and it’s the home of our clinical practice where we have treated thousands of patients over the last 20 years…

I’ve taught here too…as an instructor and clinical preceptor at schools and universities including the Yale School of Medicine.

So I’m delighted to see my home state taking a sensible, rational, science-based, and health-positive approach to the regulation of cannabis.

As for my enthusiasm for cannabis: I’ve seen firsthand the power of cannabidiol (CBD)—a component of cannabis—to…

  • ease pain
  • aid sleep
  • calm worries
  • relieve stress
  • brighten mood
  • boost energy

To help my patients, customers and readers get the best CBD possible, I’ve personally formulated the highest quality full-spectrum, whole-plant, organic CBD oil possible.

Previously, it was only available to the patients that I see in my office…

But I knew that there were thousands of other Americans, just like YOU, who could benefit from the healing properties inside UpWellness CBD Oil…

That’s why I decided to allow anyone who needed relief to gain access to the very same CBD oil that I give to my patients.

It’s called UpWellness CBD Oil and you can learn more about it and order your own supply here!

I mention the word “learn” because there are a lot of questions and concerns surrounding CBD oil.

“What should I use it for?”
“How much should I take?”
“How quickly will I notice it working?”

I totally get it.

That’s why I wrote a best selling book that answers all of these burning questions (and more) called The Science-Based Truth About CBD Oil.

And to celebrate the legalization of cannabis in Connecticut, for a limited time I’ll ship you this book for FREE with any purchase of UpWellness CBD Oil today!

Just head over to THIS PAGE, order your supply of UpWellness CBD Oil and I’ll include a free physical copy of my best-selling CBD book in your order.

No extra charge! That’s it!

Yours for health and happiness,
Dr. Josh

PS: On page 97 of this FREE book, you’ll find my favorite CBD-infused health recipe—and 14 more delicious ideas. Get your FREE book today!

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I am interested in writing short stories for my pleasure and my family's but although I have published four family books I will not go down that path again but still want what I write out there so I will see how this goes

One thought on “Doctor: The TRUTH About Cannabis & CBD

  1. I’m a big fan of hemp as it has so many uses. Strange that despite it having uses for so many things and yet we still go for alternatives that are not as good. It is also the only known plant that doesn’t need pesticides or fertiliser, uses less water than comparable crops and improves the soil rather than deplete it. But I’m preaching to the choir here.

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