PM and all state Premiers planned Covid 19 in 2018

Apr 11

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews

by Lindsey Symonds

The mainstreammarxistmedia [ 3M ] does not report on geopolitics, but the state premiers were busy with WHO IHR back in 2015 – long before the UN CoVID Regime was set up in Australia. This was in 2020 with the National Cabinet [ secret proceedings – a politburo ] and its Military Arm: Operation CoVID Shield. All the state premiers sit on the National Cabinet.

The logistics of the CoVID Regime were mapped out in “Australia’s National Health Action Plan for Health Security 2009 – 2017: Implementation of the Recommendations from the Joint External Evaluation of IHR Core Capabilities . Dec 2018.

This is an Australian Government Dept. of Health document and has now been scrubbed from the government webpage.

This document maps out an exercise of UN International Health Regulation and it was signed off by the Australian premiers of all states 2018 when the manual was issued. The following link was also scrubbed – as both these links are now broken on my website.

Click to access Processes_of_IHR_Monitoring_framework_and_Indicators.pdf

WHO has an IHR ‘core capabilities monitoring process’ which assesses governmental implementation of its objectives. These are set out as achievement of eight core capacities at points of entry for IHR designated hazards – one of which is, of course, bio-hazard (like CoVID-19). But that is only one of the designated hazards.

Of course, there will be exercises in Communist organisation and restructuring for all of the designated hazards. Watch this space.

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