Governor-General David Hurley colludes with Scott Morrison to steal $18 million from taxpayers

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Scott Morrison was exposed on Thursday (7/4/2022) as being the key decision maker, in collusion with Governor-General David Hurley, for giving $18 million of taxpayer’s money to a charity, The Australian Future Leaders Foundation Limited, that doesn’t exist except on paper.

What makes this matter so scandalous is because we have 2 witnesses that have identified Scott Morrison as being personally involved and the decision maker to hand over the $18 million and one of those witnesses is Governor-General David Hurley. Normally Scott Morrison would duck and weave and blame others, but he won’t be able to get out of it this time unless he blames the Governor-General David Hurley and then we probably have a constitutional crisis in the making if we are not already there.

Scams like this have been a common theme with Scott Morrison and his government with one example being the awarding of contracts in 2019 totalling $423 million to the company Paladin who had virtually no money or assets and their head office was at a beach shack on Kangaroo Island.

The Australian Future Leaders Foundation Limited is reported to “have no office, website or staff, apart from three directors” and:

Several sources have told the ABC that its executive officer and director, Chris Hartley, boasted that he secured federal support more than a year before it was publicly announced. Promotional brochures published early last year, and seen by the ABC, claimed vice-regal and government endorsement of the program.

Months after Mr Hartley declared the program had government support, he registered the Australian Future Leaders Foundation Limited as a charity in April 2021, with an official launch held at Admiralty House in May.

And the government refuses to provide answers about charity listing. (Click here to read more)

Then on Friday (8/4/22) it was reported: The Governor-General David Hurley personally lobbied Prime Minister Scott Morrison about a leadership program that was later allocated more than $18 million in federal funding.

For the past two years Mr Hartley, who is one of the three directors of the foundation and its secretary, gathered support for his leadership program and successfully asked the Governor-General to pitch the proposal to the Prime Minister.

The ABC has seen correspondence in which Mr Hartley boasted that the Governor-General had given a PowerPoint presentation to Mr Morrison in late 2020.

A spokesperson for the Governor-General confirmed there had been “several conversations” between him and Mr Morrison dating back to 2020. (Click here to read more)

Since when has it been the role of the Governor-General to promote to the Prime Minister a charity that is not registered, does not have an office, does not have a website or staff? The Governor-General should be called before a Senate estimates hearing to explain his conduct.

David Hurley, Scott Morrison and, the man who could see them both put in jail if wins the 2022 election and introduces a Federal ICAC, Anthony Albanese

David Hurley, Scott Morrison (both seated) and, the man who could see them both put in jail if he wins the 2022 election and introduces a Federal ICAC, Anthony Albanese (standing).

The Auspol Bulletin Facebook page published an article on Friday (8/4/2022) claiming the three directors of The Australian Future Leaders Foundation Limited are also directors of a similar foundation, and that Overton Creative Consulting P/L is the company behind them:

Julie and Andrew Overton are listed as the other directors of the foundation whose ABN is 28 649 403 654 along with Chris Ian James Hartley. What is really curious about this trio is that we discovered that they are ALL directors of yet another ‘limited by guarantee’ company which is also listed as a not-for-profit.

The King’s Cup Organising Committee Ltd with ABN 54 631 440 741 was registered on 5th February 2019. It has the exact same 3 directors! The Overtons and Dr Hartley! Julie Overton is listed as the Secretary.

There is clearly much more to this story than meets the eye. (Click here to read more)

On the face of it, it looks like a standard fraud and theft of taxpayer’s money being funnelled through a charity. Where have we seen that before? I wrote an article on the 13th of February titled “Scott Morrison’s Hillsong mate Leigh Coleman, an alleged fraudster and crook, set to break $100 million in government contracts” which starts off:

“In 2020 I wrote that Scott Morrison’s Hillsong mate Leigh Coleman was awarded $43 million in government contracts, and I can report that the amount for government contracts now stands at $94.9 million since 2016. Scott Morrison and others in government have accelerated the fraud and theft of government assets before they are kicked out of government.”

Leigh Coleman uses a company called ServeGate Australia which is also “a registered tax-free charity and its operations are suspicious to say the least where they don’t seem to do much work except take a percentage off the top and then sub-contract the real work out to other companies.” (Click here to read the article)

Below is a quick video on the Paladin scam titled “Peter Dutton claims he knows nothing about the contract awarded to beach shack security firm Paladin”. (Click here to read more)

The irony of this scandal is that we know about it because it was in the 2022 Federal Budget that was delivered last week, and the budget was meant to help Morrison and the Government win the election due in May. But now the budget is looking like it could put Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Governor-General David Hurley in jail if Labor win power at the next election and introduce a Federal ICAC.

Jail time for Scott Morrison is even more of a possibility when you look at my last article “How much did Scott Morrison personally make from Australia’s failed submarine deal given he made sure his mates Peter Costello and David Gazard made $millions?“.

Some people on social media are incorrectly claiming that Governor-General David Hurley and his wife are Pentecostals. They are not Pentecostals, and the confusion seems to have come from an article on Crikey where they talk about Governor-General rubber-stamping an award for Margaret Court who is the founder and pastor of a Pentecostal church. (Click here to read the Crikey article)

This matter won’t be going away anytime soon and will likely become an election issue.

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