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New health regulations, ending state of disaster is merely symbolic


April 5, 2022

New health regulations, ending state of disaster is merely symbolic
New health regulations, ending state of disaster is merely symbolic

The government today announced the ending of the national state of disaster, after the civil rights organisation AfriForum and other organisations took legal action against it. However, this announcement will do little to change the status quo, since the current Covid-19 regulations will remain in place for a further month, after which the government’s controversial new health regulations will come into force.

The new health regulations amount to the permanent legal enactment of supposedly temporary measures afforded to the government under the Disaster Management Act. This means that most of the Covid-19 measures will remain in place, and some measures that were struck down in court such as forced quarantine, will take effect again.

AfriForum is currently preparing legal commentary in opposition to the new health regulations. The commentary will outline that the regulations are irrational and illegal.

“The government’s ending of the state of disaster should be seen as merely symbolic, since it is planning on permanently enacting Covid-19 measures into the health regulations. We as AfriForum strongly and unequivocally oppose the government’s sly and power-hungry actions. We owe it to our members and the general public to prevent this outrageous abuse of power,” says Reiner Duvenage, Campaign Officer for Strategy and Content at AfriForum.

Along with its legal commentary, AfriForum has created a petition against the proposed health regulations which has already been signed by around 25 000 people.

Read the original article in Afrikaans on AfriForum

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