Western Hegemony’s Collapse

War in Ukraine is About the Dollar

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by Algora

All the major events in the last 20 years revolve around the Dollar. As long as the US can use it’s own domestic currency as the currency of the world, it practically never can go bankrupt. It can print more and more dollars, just simple paper, and continue to pay anything in the world with toilet paper.

Do they want to pay for the jihadits in Iraq, or Syria, etc. they go to the printing press. Do they want to buy a company in France, or Germany they print more dollars, etc.

That makes it very unpleasant for the US if someone declares that they will not accept dollars. Furthermore, due to the gunboat diplomacy, it forced all countries of the would to trade among themselves only using dollars. If India wants to buy shoes from Brazil, they are forced to pay in US dollars for the shoes. They were/are not allowed use Indian rupees, but American dollars. Otherwise: sanctions!!! – Same about the petrodollars. All the oil in world can only be paid for in dollars!

So, when Saddam Hussein dared to defy the US and declared that it would sell it’s oil for Euros or gold — we know what happened. When Libya’s Gaddafi said the same, to the shock of every one, he was blown to pieces. These were lessons for the little guys. Kill a chicken to scare a monkey.

Now, the Russians were concerned for a long time that in this environment they cannot compete with an endless source of military financing by the U.S. They concluded that, in order to level the playing field, they need to dethrone the mighty dollar. They were working with the Chinese for the last 4-5 years on how to move their trade outside of the dollar. And that’s when the trouble started.

Smelling the consequences, the US moved to preempt that from becoming real. They moved against China, then Russia, then China, back and forth to intimidate one or the other. But no success.

Then, in utter despair, they miscalculated that they can trap Russia into an un-winning quagmire in Ukraine. But their old tricks are not working.

So, when the US, in an unprecedented act of international piracy sized Russia’s central bank accounts and Russian citizens’ private property in the West, that illegal act alone, finally, gave Russia the pretext to nullify all the financial obligations to the West and bring their own big gunboat diplomacy. You want our oil? Pay in Rubles! You want our grain? Pay in Rubles!

Now, the Americans are dead in the water.

At this point the best outcome for the US would be a military takeover.

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