Response to petition lodged with parliament

Hon Yvette D’Ath MP
Minister for Health and Ambulance Services
Leader of the HouseQueensland
1 William Street Brisbane Qld 4000
GPO Box 48 Brisbane
Queensland 4001 Australia
Telephone +61 7 3035 6100
Mr Neil Laurie
Clerk of the Parliament
Queensland Parliament
George Street
Dear Mr Laurie
I write in response to your letter regarding petition number 3668-21, tabled in Parliament on
22 February 2022, in relation to COVID-19 vaccination mandates.
COVID-19 vaccines are a proven, safe and effective means of reducing both the risk of infection and
transmission. Individuals who become infected despite vaccination (break-through infection) are at
reduced risk of transmitting due to a generally lower viral load and shortened duration of shedding.
As the petitioners are aware, on 9 November 2021 the Palaszczuk Government released its Public
Health and Social Measures linked to Vaccination Status: A Plan for 80% and Beyond (the Plan).
The Plan sets out measures applying to vaccinated and unvaccinated people aged 16 years and
over. Under the Plan, all staff and attendees at a range of discretionary venues, such as hospitality
venues, must be vaccinated. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated people are able to access essential
services and activities. This means unvaccinated people are still able to go to grocery stores,
pharmacies, post offices, newsagents and clothing stores, and participate in activities like going to
the gym for exercise.
Vaccination mandates are also in place for a number of key workforces, including our health
Ensuring a baseline level of protection through these measures helps to reduce the risk of
COVID-19 transmission and infection among staff, customers and visitors, removes the need for
business closures, and the need for stricter community-wide measures like lockdowns.
High vaccination coverage remains a key determinant of positive health outcomes for all
Queenslanders, while also minimising the impact of COVID-19 cases on our hospital system and
the impact of COVID-19 on ongoing operations of businesses and public facilities — and community
life in general. The more of us who are vaccinated, the fewer adverse events there will be.
I note the petitioners have raised the issue of whether Queensland’s requirements impinge upon
human rights. The Queensland Human Rights Commission has a wide range of information
specifically about human rights and COVID-19 available on its website, and I would encourage the
petitioners to review this material.

While some members of the community may consider Queensland’s requirements divisive, it is
important to remember that the vast majority of eligible Queenslanders have come forward already
to be vaccinated against COVID-19. In addition, the Palaszczuk Government has a responsibility to
protect the community from both the direct impacts of COVID-19 and from the impacts of a surge of
COVID-19 cases on the capacity of the health system.
I trust this information is of assistance to the petitioners.
Yours sincerely
Minister for Health and Ambulance Services
Leader of the House

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