COVID: The inquiry you wanted.

We held a cross-party inquiry into all aspects of COVID-19.

Hello friends,

This week, several parliamentarians — from across political party lines — met to hold an informal inquiry into federal and state government responses to COVID-19.

There were some shocking things heard during that inquiry, including:

  • Testimonies of severe adverse reactions to mRNA ‘vaccines’;
  • Devastation of small businesses from lockdowns;
  • Medical evidence of mRNA ‘vaccine’ harm;
  • Doctors testifying on their personal experience successfully treating COVID with ivermectin, which is banned in Australia;
  • And the death of a young woman, undoubtedly caused by a ‘vaccine’.

This latter story made me openly weep during the inquiry.

Mother Raelene Gotze testified that her vivacious, healthy 23-year-old daughter, Caitlin had fallen very ill, with shortness of breath, a day after receiving her second shot of Pfizer. The ongoing illness led to her untimely death barely two months later. The autopsy report indicates ‘unknown cause of death’ and Raelene was told in no uncertain terms that the coroner investigating Caitlin’s death would most likely deliver a similar finding.

Listen to Raelene’s powerful testimony here:

Here’s the link:

The powers that be are trying to cover up mRNA ‘vaccine’ deaths, like Caitlin’s. Such deaths are an inconvenient truth when we are constantly told by politicians and health bureaucrats that the ‘vaccines’ are “safe” and “effective”. In both instances, they’re lying.

We can’t let them be successful in covering up these deaths. Share Raelene’s story!

Watch the full inquiry hearing at Senator Malcolm Robertswebsite.

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The poll results are in!

It’s a landslide. You don’t care for the digital identity agenda.

The answer to the question: ‘Do you support a digital identity system?” was a firm NO with 99.5% of more than 15,000 respondents against the proposal.

Politicians, take note!

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