2022/03/20th – Remember the dummies yapping – Trump is pushing vackseens ?


No one knows the full truth nor the future which changes continually..

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1 – Remember the dummies yapping – “Trump is pushing vaccines” ?

     They will even bleat – “I heard him say it”    no checking of course

A large portion of the vaQ shots are saline or placebo that was distributed by The Alliance Military, which was part of Qperation Warpspeed. They knew that convid & the vaQz were going to be released as bio-weapons in the Cabal depopulation agenda.

The lockdown & variants would continue ’til 2025 & they would slowly release their vaQ, by the time it comes out, it would be FDA approved & the whole entire human race would be forced to take it.

The whole global economy would be destroyed by then & the satanic globalist could do anything they want at this point.

So, The Alliance & Trump released an experimental vaQ before the end of Trump’s term — rushed, unfinished, with ZERO effectiveness & authorized for emergency use only — distributed by The Alliance Military (placebo shots).

This foiled the DS plan & they hated it. The same groups that now push for mandatory vaQ in the beginning all spoke out against “Trump’s vaQine.”

Lies by CDC, WHO, NIH & all the parties involved are also being exposed (Fraudci emails) — along with how ineffective & harmful the vaQz truly are.

The DS narrative is crumbling fast because now they have to rush their whole 5-year agenda into less than one year.

This is why their campaign is so aggressive — we went from “jabs for free donuts, ice cream, joints, lotto tickets & even lap dances” to now you must have vaQ passports & mandatory jabs at jobs. MANY PEOPLE including the normies are waking up to this whole mess.

It is known by many medico’s that some of the shots are saline or placebo. Even the fake-checkers have “debunked” this story which makes it even more creditable.

The stories below are also further proof that it is true & while this is true, it’s NOT true that ALL the shots are safe.

Shots are being produced & distributed all over the world & it’s distributed throughout all the local CVS.  That’s why Putin is destroying Vaxx factories in Ukraine

There’s no way they could all be confiscated. There are very real potential dangers in these shots.

These vaQz are truly Russian roulette — so far more than 500k adverse reactions! @drue86  

Nurse in Germany gave 8,600 saline shots instead of COVID vaccine


Walgreens store mistakenly injects saline instead of COVID-19 vaccine


They’ve declared WAR on your food

Open in browserThank you for being a paid subscriber to Nation First. Your support in the fight for freedom, sovereignty and common sense conservatism is important!They’ve declared WAR on your food!Nation First looks into World Economic Forum-inspired policies attacking our farmers and food supply.George ChristensenSep 30 ▷  ListenSAVE Dear friend,Watch the video version of this newsletter here.Nation First,Continue reading “They’ve declared WAR on your food”

Military Affairs

Reagan Approved Plan to Sabotage Soviets, the US Blew up a Russian Gas Pipeline in Siberia in the Summer of 1982. September 29, 2022Algora BlogLeave a comment Spread the Word By David E. Hoffman February 27, 2004. Thomas C. Reed, a former Air Force secretary who was serving in the National Security Council at theContinue reading Military Affairs

Patients receive saline shots instead of COVID-19 vaccine doses in Sauk


Why were people given saline instead of Covid vaccine in South Carolina?



see more on items  6 + 7 + 8


2 – I am aghast that so few bothered to see even 2.5 mins of this –

It’s too late for the vaxxed – It was item 1 on


3 – Aust Army and the Govt “helping flood victims”

Hi Larry

I have recently returned from Woodburn NSW where I have been helping out in the community cooking meals for all the devastated people in this area. 

Video Player



I had an interesting discussion with an army officer and confronted him some serious questions . . .  Here is an overview of what happened, what we were having to deal with feeding people in the Woodburn and surrounding areas who had lost everything, what I challenged him with and his responses.

  1. We were removed from the Caltex service station where we had been working from – they condemned the site and made us move as there were concerns about an explosion with the use of BBQ’s so close to underground tanks. We had power at this site using power lead across to the building that the army were using as their base. 
  2. We were feeding approx 800 people a day. Coffee, tea, snacks, cooked BBQ’s, salads, sandwiches – all donated by people.
  3. We had two small camping kettles – coffee was in high demand! 
  4. The day I returned to site after hours on the road looking to buy large electric urns for boiling water – we were forced to move – no power access at new location. 
  5. Relocated to the park by the army and left with no power. No generator –  Operating under shocking conditions as a result. No refrigeration. 
  6. A passer by called late on our first night at this new location –  when he realized we had no power he immediately offered his diesel generator – we managed to have hot water from the urns and some lighting to cook that night. The generator stopped working the following morning.  
  7. There were street lights on in Woodburn in the main street – so power was available in Woodburn – they failed to organize the power for us at this new location – promising it would be done the following morning at 7am – no one turned up! 
  8. The following morning an army officer came across – notepad in hand and happened to ask me how things were going and was there anything that we needed. He got my list loud and clear along with the man running this camp kitchen who has been down there as soon as he could get access into the town – he was from Brisbane and came loaded with BBQ’s food, gas bottles, a huge truck filled with food, camp equipment. He had been feeding the army, locals and helpers doing much of the work on his own in those initial days. He is still there today – I believe he will be there for the next 2 weeks – possibly longer – until governments stop the free food!  Many more have volunteered since I have been there for the past week. 
  9. I asked why it was that we had no power, why didn’t the army provide generators, organize power to this new sight as this had been promised. 
  10. I then went on to ask him why is it that in a National Disaster of this kind did the army not provide generators, gas bottles, fuel, tents etc. I would have thought this would be part of the equipment they would provide in a natural disaster of this kind – God knows we have had plenty of disasters – I would have thought this was what the army did in situations of this kind! 
  11. He kind of shook his head, not laughing, but smiling and shaking his head saying to me – if you could only see the massive warehouse we have in Townsville that is full of all the things you just mentioned and a whole lot more stuff that is used for these kinds of situations! 
  12. I said so why the hell did you not send all this equipment when you were deployed here?

His response was as follows: (wished I had of recorded it now in hindsight!) 

He said in order for the equipment to be released it must go through red tape – it goes up the line of channel so to speak and has to be authorized and signed off by a General in the army – no one dares removes anything from this warehouse until they have that signed document by a General!!!! 

 He said they were screaming for this equipment – they were days away from this deployment and everyone knew they were running out of time to get all this equipment ready for their deployment. He said despite their screams, jumping up and down for this stuff to be available – it fell on deaf ears. They were helpless to do anything – hence, they were deployed without any equipment. They had some basic stuff but all of the necessary equipment I had mentioned was still locked in the warehouse in Townsville. 

It was evident he was horrified and was beyond belief – even to him.  He actually seemed like a decent human being who was clearly upset at their deployment. 

The day we got moved to the park (the army moved us and did a great job in no time). I went across the road to the church hall where the army seemed to be set up inside, first aid available there and was where all the police and army personnel were meeting – Went over to see if I could get some boiling water. The few army guys there were really sorry telling me they did not have power in that hall! they had no access to hot water. 

The geoengineering that was happening down there this past week was nothing short of disgraceful – many of us felt exhausted, not the usual exhausted from being up early and putting in long days – you run on adrenalin and there was an energy amongst everyone that was uplifting, the kindness and generosity of so many people was overwhelming. Our heads were foggy, I woke two mornings in a row with sore throat – losing my voice one morning and just feeling shocking, unable to think clearly and just feeling scattered is the only way I can describe it – but you push on – it was clear that they were dumping chemicals on an already devastated community of people. Evil beyond words. The first day the chemtrails were right over the top of us – it was an unbelievable sight. In plain daylight all these chemtrails being dumped all over us.  Multiple storms were in the distance and we had some heavy downpours of rain – one really bad late one afternoon after witnessing these chemtrails in the sky above us. 

As I was talking to this officer we are watching this dark cloud further north moving closer – it was not looking good and I said to him, look at this shit in the sky – all the bombing of chemicals. He made some comment regarding this flood being unprecedented and I responded with – you and I both know that is B/S – this flood was deliberate and a result of the shit they are doing to our skies and they are still dumping crap all over this area. You could see his face expression change, he was listening to me with a deep knowing but he was clearly unable to say much to me. He mumbled words to the effect – you are spot on with what you are saying! That was all the confirmation I needed. 

Then I asked him directly about the oath he took and if he were to be given an unlawful direction from his superior would he follow that direction. He then went on to tell me he was trained to kill, he was trained to go to war etc., but when it came to his own people, citizens etc. there is no way on earth he would cause harm to Australians. That was simply out of the question and was not a possibility at all. 

I raised the issue of the bio-weapons used on the people at Canberra, he seemed genuinely unaware of what had happened in Canberra. I then discussed the safe cities network, foreign thugs coming onto our soil in times of crisis etc., and the rogue thug police attacking citizens at peaceful protests. Thugs dressed in black as if going after terrorists and made reference to the protests and communist china attacking the people of Hong Kong the year before this virus etc. He was well aware of all of this and said to me, there are thugs within police and the forces. Wild canons he said those in high places are well aware of the violent thugs and place them in special forces where they are pretty much let lose to cause acts of violence – he referred to them as rogue police, and confirmed they were thugs who liked violence. It was evident he did not agree with this and said yes they exist – and they let them lose knowing full well they act unlawfully against the people, it is why they place these rogue police and army personnel in these special forces. He said they were in the minority but they existed 

He seemed like a decent guy he also told me that they have been recently training for war overseas – not war within Australian soil but would not tell me where overseas they were preparing for. Meanwhile they were deployed from Townsville down here to help out in the floods. 

I said to him well it is very evident the Govt don’t give a damn, have orchestrated all of this devastation and made damn sure they have not provided the necessary resources to help communities.



4 –  QFS system Advanced without Equivalent       click this heading

Abundance for anyone who will stop to recognise the value 

QFS ends corrupt Cabal central banking systems

The Quantum Financial System – QFS has no comparison to anything that has ever been presented to the world before. It has no opponent; it has no equivalent in advanced technology that any other system possessed before.

Video Player



It is brand new. It is supreme in applied technology so that it offers one hundred per cent financial security and transparency to all  currency account holders. With the QFS, the world can easily be changed to gold-backed currencies that completely eliminate the transfer facility of the Cabal’s old central banking system.

There is no equivalent technology to explain and understand the advanced structure of QFS.

The QFS system is the new global network for the transfer of gold or asset-backed money, already initiated in Russia, China, and the US to replace the centrally controlled Swift system. This new Quantum Financial System QFS operates on a quantum computer, placed on … 


5 – One million $$ up for grabs to the first person to see a single person die of Bs-19 in their street.


6 – Bioweapons designed to kill only people of particular race


7 – Situation Update 19 Mar 22

1hr 15m



8 – Update      Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 20th, 2022


9 – 1981 Film 

Video Player



Whoever made that must have watched my Past Present & Future in 1978


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