Why is Australia supporting Ukraine?

Why is Australia supporting Ukraine?
March 2022 Interim Report
  We now have a new ‘crisis’ –  the RUSSIAN incursion of UKRAINE.   The pandemic has apparently ended, ( although Australian states are determined to continue their Emergency Powers) and attention is being drawn away from the mandates, the mental illness, the lives and businesses destroyed and the increasing number of vaccine injury and deaths. In an election year, any distraction that focuses on a crisis not created by our own government – could be seen as a VERY convenient distraction!    Australia has sent $70 million dollars of taxpayer’s money to the Ukranian Government,  to provide both LETHAL and non-lethal support.  (ie. Military and humanitarian aid)  However, our government has not fully explained their decision to support Ukraine. The media also has not looked critically at the factors surrounding the unfolding situation.    Some conservative politicians have accepted ‘ the narrative’  on the Russia / Ukraine crisis- but have rejected the narratives on the ‘virus and vaccines’. Are the same sources of ‘questionable believeability’ to now be trusted on the issue of Ukraine? There is a strong argument for more clarification, including, but not limited to:   Explain the connections of the Biden, Clinton, Obama and Soros families in the Ukraine  Why not talk about Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell, and his ‘convenient’appointment to the board of Burisma?  Please explain Joe Biden’s manipulation of the Ukranian authorities! What about the US-funded bio-weapon factories in Ukraine? is it true that Ukraine is the epicentre of child sex-trafficking?  Why did Ukraine troops fire on the nuclear plant – but not Russian troops as reported by the media?  What about NATO’s promise to exclude Ukraine as a NATO member? ………and many more! In war there are always many versions of the same event. History is written by the victor, and therefore truth is the first casuality of any war.  Those watching the world change dramatically – wisely question everything!  The last 2 years has taught many of us it is imperative to do so.  Therefore, we should be asking, will China’s planned takeover of Taiwan be resisted with the same force by the same nations that are resisting Russia’s incursion of Ukraine?  This history has not yet been written, but we may witness a different approach to China’s actions.      For Australia; our US-Australia alliance is seen as necessary to defend our nation against a growing and agressive China. Without the US, our military capacity may only  last 24 hours against China’s might.  Is our willingness, therefore, to fall into ‘lock-step’ with the US and other western nations on the issue of Russia V Ukraine based on principle, self interest, or as being part of the Great Reset?     The pandemic of the past 2 years have proven to many that our governments and the media simply cannot be trusted. So….should we now trust them on our nation’s support for Ukraine?    Please read the following with an open mind, and do your own research independent to the legacy media. ( ABC/ CNN / SkyNews/ BBC…etc)   
  From the full article by Ghassan KardiPeople, and nations, have the right of self-defence. Self-defence is not an act of aggression. It is an act to prevent further aggression.Not surprisingly, when the rules of the jungle prevail, just like in La Fontaine’s fables, aggressors on one hand conjure up for themselves the justification to kill, and on the other hand, they vilify the victims of their aggression when they try to exercise their right of self-defence.The USA has been engaged in wars ever since WWII ended. Beginning with the Korean War, the West moved the theatre to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq I and Iraq II, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria; not to mention other smaller wars. In reality, there was never ever any justification for any of them and the national security of the United States of America was never under threat by any of those much pooper and much less equipped nations.Contrary to the commonly-held belief in the West, America did not win the Cold War. The Cold War ended when Gorbachev negotiated with Raegan the terms of disengagement. https://sputniknews.com/20190402/gorbachev-nato-expansion-reasons-1073764558.htmlThe rest is history. The manner in which America broke all of its promises to never encroach into Eastern Europe, how it coaxed former Warsaw Pact nations to join NATO, how it positioned missiles close to Russian borders, how it pillaged Serbia, how it tried to create a puppet regime in Georgia in 2008, how it sponsored a coup d’etat in Ukraine in 2014 putting Neo-Nazis in charge, how it bombarded the Eastern provinces for eight long years, how it reneged on the Minsk Agreements, how it refused to reach a deal on Ukraine in Jan 2022, a deal that took into consideration Russia’s legitimate security concerns, are all acts of provocation that can only lead to war; a Russian war of self-defence.Please click the link below to read more  
  Read the full article here:    

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