The Tree of Life

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

I had never given it much thought you know. The meaning of the seasons and months. It says in Genesis about the sun, moon and stars being for times and seasons etc.

But I looked at the meaning of the names of seasons and months and days, played with the words and sounds of the words and came up with the following. Very interesting I thought.


Winter – vetur in Icelandic which is ‘winter’ in Iceland. Sounds like wetter. Is it? It seems so.

Can sound like ‘winner’ if you don’t pronounce ‘t’ especially if you have been drinking whiskey etc!! There is ‘The winner takes it all’ by Abba – winter takes away the surplus of summer!

Could be wenter – the sun came, was and went! But it will come back.

Winter is the last season as the year…

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Published by Nelle

I am interested in writing short stories for my pleasure and my family's but although I have published four family books I will not go down that path again but still want what I write out there so I will see how this goes

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