Palaszczuk ‘s pathetic police refused entry to Bar Wunder in Toowoomba

Cairns News

While blackfellas are stealing hundreds of cars and doing breakins across the state willy nilly every day then advertising their exploits on Falsebook, Comrade Annastacia Palaszczuk’s pathetic police spend many hours and thousands of dollars from their over-spent budgets chasing crooks without masks and cafe owners who won’t bend to the totalitarian state.

They were unable to get into the cafe because of the huge crowd blocking their way, so the moronic cops crept like thieves in the night to the cafe owners home and arrested them at 12.45am.

Sooner or later business owners will break and woe betide the clueless cops and Comrades in George St when they do and not a peep from the hopeless LNP.

Nuremberg won’t help these dumbed-down cops or Comrade Premier, 

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