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Novak’s no vax climax?

It’s behind the Herald Sun paywall, but Andrew Bolt’s thoughts on the Djokovic debacle deserve a wider audience. He writes:

Here’s proof that the Morrison Government wants to kick Novak Djokovic out of the country not because he’s a danger to the health of Australians, but because he’s a danger to the health of a government facing an election.

If Djokovic were really a health danger to Australians, why would the government sit back and let him walk free on our streets?

Is it possible the Government just wants the extra time to see how this plays out in polls and talkback? That it wants the view of the mob before acting?

If you think I’m too harsh, here are two names: Christine Holgate and George Pell.

The Prime Minister demanded Holgate be sacked as head of Australia Post even though she lawfully and understandably rewarded four top executives with luxury watches worth $5000 each for landing a deal that made the corporations millions of dollars. But the mob was going feral, so Morrison trashed her.

The Prime Minister never said a single word in defence of Cardinal George Pell, even after the High Court correctly ruled he’d been the victim of a miscarriage of justice, unfairly jailed for pedophile offences he could not possibly have committed. But the mob wanted a scapegoat, and Morrison was not the man to stand in their way by defending an innocent man.

I’d add Milo Yiannopoulos to the list. Morrison banned him from coming to Australia for being allegedly of “bad character”, when in fact the true bad characters were the far-Left thugs threatening violence if he spoke. But the Left wanted Yiannopoulos silenced, and the election was just two months away.

So Morrison again sided with the mob, not with free speech.

In regard to Yiannopolous, an interesting sideshow involves the lavish and ongoing funding, via the Australia Council, of Overland magazine and its website, which proudly recounted how the feral Left summoned its troops to harass, bully and abuse arriving members of the Milo audience, also hailing Premier Daniel Andrews for socking the tour’s  promoters with a bill for police protection.

Since 2016, Overland has received $360,000 in Australia Council funding

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