Traveler On the Backroads


~ poem “When the World was Still Young” by Michael Traveler, author/poet.


she has seen more than most of us will see in our entire lives

she has stood watch over the rise and fall of empires

the ravages of plagues fires the pilgrimage of those seeking God

watched young lovers wile away a sunny afternoon clouds drifting by as evening comes

withstood the blazing heat of summer the stinging bite of killer blizzards gave shelter to travelers in the rain

she has whispered to me of secret things spoken of long ago when men still understood the ancient tongue back when the world was young

i have felt her sadness and her joy her love for all creation and he rundying belief that we are still one

and I have fallen asleep in her arms as the world turned for a few hours one lazy afternoon without us.

there on that sunny hill as the day came to an end and the earth slowed her gait kicked off her shoes and closed her eyes for the day

the sun melting into the hills we had come to know and love where we played as children where we kissed for the first time as adults underneath these outstretched branches- the sky awash in a blaze of color -the leaves above echoing our story in the tides of time

so long ago one magical afternoon with you nestled in my arms and the world far away back when the world was still young 🌺🌸💓

May be an image of sky, tree and nature
photo by Theophilos Papadopoulos

Published by Nelle

I am interested in writing short stories for my pleasure and my family's but although I have published four family books I will not go down that path again but still want what I write out there so I will see how this goes

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