Red Union takes on Covid mandates

Jan 12

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews

Red Union Fights for The Right for Risk to be Assessed Rationally and Workers to be Genuinely Consulted on Mandates.

The Red Union team continues to represent and support members who have been stood down or currently facing job loss due to the covid vaccine mandates. 

Members Australia wide have sent over 5000 requests to their employers seeking consultation and, in most cases, have been blatantly ignored or their request dismissed.

Our team of lawyers, industrial advocates and industrial officers are preparing individual claims to the Fair Work Commissions across the country, and we have a QLD Judicial Review case pending.  This decision will impact on many cases. 

You have probably heard that we are anti-vax and support conspiracy theorists – this has never been the case.  The Red Union supports your right to a choice and your workplace rights to consultation and rational risk assessment.

The Red Union team have welcomed the Fair Work Commissions ruling that BHP’s mandatory vaccination policy at its Mt Arthur Hunter Valley coal mine was unlawful and unreasonable.  The claim was filed by the CFMEU after BHP stood down 30 workers who were unable or unwilling to provide evidence of their Covid vaccination status.

The decision made by the full bench at the Fair Work Commission could create a precedent for other businesses that have brought in mandatory vaccination policies across their workforce. The decision affirms the position of the Red Unions.

“It is just decent communication to loyal workers. Other than the CFMMEU & Red Unions, paid members have been abandoned by their unions” Miles Heffernan, Industrial Advocate

We would like to thank our members for following our instructions, for their patience and for holding the line.  It really is a waiting game, but the most important thing is not to resign.  This will reduce your legal rights and Red Unions’ ability to defend you.

The NPAQ has also appealed a decision in the Industrial Relations Commission, where Margaret Gilbert, NPAQ President was given a show-cause by QLD Health for speaking to the media on concerns about nurse training.  

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