Australia shows the world the wrong way to keep the virus under control

If you are looking for a country that is serious about COVID and is getting “extraordinary” results, look no further than Australia. They employ mandated vaccinations, lockdowns of unvaccinated, …

by Steve Kirsch

It’s hard to find a country that takes COVID more seriously than Australia. Their strict protocols are producing “extraordinary” results (spoiler alert: I’m being sarcastic).

They are super strict about COVID with measures that include:

  1. mandatory vaccinations,
  2. mandatory mask use
  3. requiring the unvaccinated to isolate at home,
  4. Density limits at indoor areas of hospitality venues and nightclubs,
  5. free booster doses are available to everyone 18 years and over who have had their second dose of a primary dose course of COVID-19 vaccination at least 4 months ago.
  6. mandatory electronic check-ins

Note that these measures vary by what state you are in.

The state-specific medical countermeasures makes total sense as having the virus in NSW is completely different than having the virus in Northern Territory (I’m being sarcastic again…).

Almost everyone is vaccinated. Check out the box on the right for the vax rate in the ACT:

Not vaccinated? Welcome to lockouts!

Check out the restrictions and penalties:

Extraordinarily bad results

The results of these restrictions speak for themselves:


Pfizer advice to the Australian people…

“Keep it up! Do not ask any questions. Do not question the outcomes. Your government knows best.”

How the Australian government spins the results

“See it works! Those numbers would be so much worse if you hadn’t followed our advice!”

They are gaslighting you.

How the people feel about all this

The Governments asked for two weeks to ‘flatten the curve’ 90 weeks ago.

Melbourne, Victoria then picked up the dubious honor of becoming the most locked down city on the globe. At times the anti-terrorist squad was out on the streets firing rubber bullets and tear gas at people standing on street corners simply saying they had been locked up long enough – the audacity of these people! Tens of thousands of family businesses have been destroyed, family homes lost, and our populations mental health devastated along with our happy go lucky culture. Highly effective early treatment drugs were banned Hydroxychloroquine in April 2020, then Ivermectin in October 2021. With the stated reason that they would discourage Australians from getting the vaccination.

Forced vaccinations are the norm, with few exemptions being granted – even to those who suffered terribly from their first jab!

The Government set their targets: 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%. They were reached just as the target was increased yet again.

90 weeks on and the ‘curve’ has gone through the roof. All this damage, all for nothing. The salt in the wound is this was all so obviously foreseeable, yet all these fools in government, along with all their medical experts are in shock. And, guess what, more of the same BS is on its way.


If you are looking to help the virus infect people, few countries on Earth do it better than Australia. They have gone from virtually no COVID cases to a meltdown of cases.

I think it is only a matter of time before the world adopts all of the Australian counter-measures.

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