Why Dr. James Thorp is a hero, but will soon lose his license to practice medicine forever

Dr. Thorp, an ObGyn specialist in Florida chose to honor his duty to his patients by telling them the truth about the deadly COVID vaccines. Sadly, he will lose his license. Here’s why.

Last night, January 2, I had the honor to interview Dr. James Thorp, an ObGyn Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist in Gulf Breeze, Florida who has chosen to honor his duty to his patients and tell them the truth about the safety of the COVID vaccines.

The full Thorp interview can be found here.

Here’s the quick synopsis for those of you who are time challenged…

We talked about medical censorship and how doctors are helpless to fight back. All US medical boards have come to the same conclusions at the same time about what constitutes misinformation.

Any healthcare provider who spreads any misinformation (in the view of their governing Board for their specialty), will have their license to practice medicine revoked. The Medical Boards are the judge, jury, and executioner. Whatever they say goes.

This censorship technique works. It keeps virtually all healthcare professionals silenced about what they are seeing. Nobody wants to lose their career. The doctors just do the best they can under the circumstances: they tell patients to take the jab, and then tell the family it was bad luck when they die, that it was not related to the vaccine.

Dr. Thorp is risking his career by speaking out the truth about what is going on.

There are very few others who will take such risks because they know the consequences of truth telling: the end of the career that they worked so hard to create.

Why the medical boards will win in court

We talked about why, even though Dr. Thorp is being honest about the vaccines, masking, mandates, and early treatment, the medical boards are likely to prevail in a court of law even though the science is clear that Thorp is correct.

The reason is simple: judges don’t believe they can adjudicate the merits of medical arguments, so they always side with the “respected authorities.” The medical boards simply say, “See your honor, every doctor in the country says the vaccines are safe. Dr. Thorp is a quack and a danger to society.” It works every time.

Is there a viable way out of this mess?

So Thorp is doing the right thing as a doctor, but it means he’ll be unable to practice medicine (until the wheels come off the bus) because telling the truth is not allowed.

This is why all doctors support whatever the CDC says. To do otherwise, ends their career. And there is nothing you or I can do about it.

Any state governor could end this. But politicians almost never take unnecessary risks that could subject them to criticism. Today, there is no governor in America that has the courage to challenge the medical boards, not even Ron DeSantis. Any governor who challenged the Medical Boards would be immediately labelled “anti-science.” Bad PR. It’s never going to happen.

The only way left to get out

We are left with the only way to win this is for 100,000 medical providers to go public with the truth on the same day. Then the Medical Boards can no longer make the argument that Thorp is wrong. Thorp will have overwhelming support from his peers. Now the tables will be turned; it opens up the potential for the members of the medical boards to be held personally liable.

That’s why it is so important that if you know a healthcare provider who believes in free speech that you encourage them to join this substack. Now.

Jim wrote me earlier:

I am extremely concerned about the ‘gag order’ that has been placed upon every single physician and nurse in the USA via the governing bodies including the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB.org), The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS.org) and the American Association of Nursing Colleges (AANC.org).

ABMS includes over 100 different medical specialties (about 25) and medical subspecialties (>80) and have threatened all physicians as has the FSMB and all the nurses AANC in the USA.

I believe this is unethical, immoral, illegal, illegitimate and unconstitutional.

After trying to communicate with my American Board of Ob/Gyn after they notified all 22,000 plus members in September about the new policy, they finally reached out to me with a threatening email. They apparently did not appreciate my suggestion that they are liable for civil and criminal charges for forcing the ob/gyn’s and maternal fetal medicine physicians to push the covid19 jab on pregnant women.

I returned a multiple page response back to ABOG to the Executive director of ABOG, Dr. George Wendel Jr, MD. I would appreciate the opportunity to share this experience and my knowledge of the very significant risks of the jab in pregnancy. Anyone who would like a copy of my letter to ABOG please feel free to email me.

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