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Covid Tests vs. Pregnancy Tests Accuracy

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The best home pregnancy tests are around 98% accurate. If you forced 1 million men to take a pregnancy test, 20k men would be told they are pregnant.

If you base pregnancy on a test, and not a clinical diagnosis. It would seem that there was an epidemic of pregnant men.

The Covid test is not even close to being 98% accurate. With even the best labs saying that the real accuracy is close to 76%.

If you test one million men with a pregnancy test that is 76% accurate, you will have 240k pregnant men.

You can not claim anyone has Covid based on a single lab test without having a clinical diagnosis of symptoms. Not when the total amount of positive results is within the margin of error for the test.

So to mandate a vaccine for a supposed disease, where every single positive result could in fact be a false positive, is insane.

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