First CEO of Moderna was Anthony Fauci….?

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Letter to the Editor

As the alleged history goes, there was a Company heavily involved in WW2 called IG Farben. This is believed to be a Company associated with George Soros who possibly even ran it.
George as a child was taken in by a Nazi family during the war despite being of Jewish descent.
After the war, George went to America.
It is claimed he eventually broke up with IG Farben and formed Moderna.

One of the main financial brokers of Moderna is believed to be Bill Gates.
The first CEO of Moderna is believed to have been a young Cornell Graduate by the name of …..Anthony Fauci.

For those who are holding out for the Novomax NVX-C0V2373 this is what can be found on the public record so far:

Novomax is a Biotechnology Company sponsored by the Bill Gates Foundation.
They have been given millions of dollars from…

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